Fremont Mayoral Candidate Bio Boxes — Akbari

In Tuesday’s Argus, we printed a light recap of the recent Fremont candidate forum, along with a list of biography boxes for each mayoral and City Council candidate. To make it easier for you and to spur debate re: each candidate, I’ll post each candidate’s bio box in alphabetical order over the next couple of days. Keep in mind, these boxes are not meant to be comprehensive. A candidate’s overall info — e.g. endorsements, total offices held, organization memberships, etc. — can be found on their websites. Without further ado, here’s the first candidate bio box:


Name: Aziz Akbari

Age: 18

Party Affiliation: Independent

Occupation: Sophomore, University of Southern California

Elected/Appointed Political Office: None

Personal Background: Single

Education: Graduate of Washington High School, Class of 2011

Website: www.aziz4mayor.com

Chris DeBenedetti