Fremont Mayoral Candidate Bio Boxes — Harrison


Name: Bill Harrison

Age: 43

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Occupation: CPA, small business owner

Elected/Appointed Political Office: Fremont councilman, 2006-present

Personal Background: Married, two children

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business economics, with a concentration in accounting, from UC Santa Barbara

Website: www.HarrisonforFremont.com

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Bill Harrison is a good guy, but a small time politician, we need someone that knows how to grow a city properly.Did you know Anu used to work for City of Fremont as a consultant!
    That is why I am voting for Anu Nataragan, check Her Educational Background, Anu is well suited for Mayor of Fremont

  2. I agree with you West – Bill H. *is* a good guy. . . . . and the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Mr. H spends just under 14 minutes telling his Punjabi audience what a *great* guy he is (this is beginning to sound like a broken record folks) . . . . without (again) laying claim to anything at all worthy of his long-standing tenure – as you listen to this, you need to remind yourself that these are the words of a seasoned leader. But there’s no noteworth success . . . . no mention of his impact on our city – – – nothing that he HAS delivered . . . . ONLY, what he MIGHT SOMEDAY DO –


    About the only thing he DOES lay claim to is a euphamistic shot to his own foot when at 7:26 in the interview, Mr. H says “..I think it’s important that we take down some of the barriers . . .. .. the risk shouldn’t be in the approval process.”

    So, Bill – aren’t the barriers you claim to want to eliminate one result of the current council, of which you have been a member for many, many, many years?

    To which, an alert moderator might have asked – “Why have you waited until now to make city processes relating to business applications more efficient?”

    And, by the way, Bill, when you’re done with that one – can you please explain to me what has happened with the millions of dollars our city has effectively burned in Centerville?

  3. #3 Not half as bad as the billions of dollars Vinnie Bacon et al drove out of Fremont when they opposed and killed the A’s stadium deal.

  4. Wow !!!

    At $540 bucks a plate, you coulda’ bought several season tickets or something . . . .

    Billie is getting real chummy with the Punjab crowd!
    Watch out ANU !!!!!!!!

    Please Join:
    Dr. Dharam & Vijay Salwan
    Jack & Paul Ram
    Dr. Goney Sandhu
    Frm. Majority Leader Alberto Torrico

    For a Special Dinner in support of:
    Councilmember Bill Harrison
    Candidate for Mayor

    September 7, 2012
    6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    At the Home of Dr. Dharam & Vijay Salwan
    2118 Harrisburg Ave., Fremont, CA 94536

    Sponsor: $540, Host: $250, Leader: $100, Friend: $50

    RSVP to: Dharam.Salwan@gmail.com OR 510.209.6283

  5. Boxie…Baseball, apple pie and…if we had gone ahead and built the A’s stadium the Punjab crowd that you refer to would have had to deal with embracing something that would have been very very foreign to them… and that might of forced them to (pretend) to assimilate to gain the political power they are trying to achieve. … agreed?

  6. Ohh, gosh – West – you need to get out of your comfort zone, broaden your horizons a bit. . . .

    Punjabi is a term of distinction and describes someone of great courage. We toss it around the team frequently when someone has accomplished good things . . . .

  7. #6…I have to agree with the B in the box. Calguy…your your knee-jerk reactions are predictable and stale.

  8. Wow!! Charlie Tuna #8 calling the kettle black? Take another bong hit.

  9. #9…Worble, sure thing but you might be the only one in Fremont who owns a bong.

  10. As you begin to finalize your choices of candidates, now is a good time to balance those sweeping generalizations about what swell people these are and how their “vision” and “financial responsibilty” will someday be put to good use for you and your community. But, those with memories beyond yesterdays’ campaign mailers know that the historic record reveals a very different reality –

    Fremont surplus may doom future tax efforts
    Article Last Updated:04/12/2007 07:12:05 AM PDT

    WE SUPPORTED Fremont’s Measure L utility users tax on the November ballot, believing it was necessary to pay for essential services in tough economic times.
    The majority of voters disagreed with us, however. And given the events of the past few months, it’s easy to see why.

    When the $8-million-a-year tax was being pitched in November, city officials were projecting a $1.6 million shortfall for the 2006-07 fiscal year.

    But the following month, after Measure L failed, they announced the city actually would have an $8.2 million surplus.

    In February, the City Council increased City Manager Fred Diaz’s salary by 10 percent to nearly $250,000, and raised City Attorney Harvey Levine’s salary by 5 percent to $232,565.

    Then last month, the surplus was pegged even higher, at $8.7 million, and city officials decided to spend more than a quarter of it by ending the policy of fire station “brownouts” and by hiring 10 firefighters and eight police officers.

    It’s great that our public safety services are being funded better, but it’s also deeply suspicious that the city suddenly became awash with cash so soon after the tax measure failed.

    In the run-up to the November election, opponents of Measure L blamed the city’s problems on poor management, saying that money was being misspent and that increasingly high compensation packages were draining Fremont’s coffers.

    Others went so far as to suggest that city officials had plenty of money stashed away somewhere, or that they were trying to make things look as bad as possible by failing to complete routine maintenance projects until after the election.

    We don’t put much store in conspiracy theories without evidence to support them, but the recent revelations are troubling.

    Even City Councilmember Steve Cho had concerns about the timing of the announcement.

    “Why didn’t we know this earlier? And should we have known this earlier? Why did we go out and propose the utility tax if we did know this?” he asked.

    All good questions.

  11. “Councilmember Harrison suggested the do nothing approach and simply let the existing contracts continue on a month-to-month basis for up to a year. This is the most direct approach to disaster – public relations and legal – possible. Avoiding this type of problem is the worst of all worlds. Although Fremont tends to wait for action to come to it without planning for it, this is the height of irresponsibility. This is not one toke over the line, rather a pound or two supplemented with a bit of hash and meth.”


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