Fremont Mayoral Candidate Bio Boxes — Natarajan


Name: Anu Natarajan

Age: 50

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Occupation: Program director with American Leadership Forum, Silicon Valley

 Elected/Appointed Political Office: Current Fremont vice mayor; Fremont councilwoman, 2004-present

Personal Background: Married, one child

Education: Bachelor’s degree in architecture from Bangalore University in India; master’s degree in urban planning and urban design from University of Washington

Website: www.anu4Fremont.com

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. What an amazing load of non-specific pablum.

    In rationalizing it’s recommendation of Natarajan, the Trib (this mornings’ Argus) lays claim to “..her strong attention to budget details.” – and never sites any specifics whcih can be attributed to her specific leadership or action.

    Not one – – – – but ignores a long history of financial debacles, not the least of which is the ongoing cash-sink-hole we all know as Centerville….or our trip to India…..or the Iron Horse Lane maintenance subsidy….or

    And, the author continues to weaken his/her choice of candidates by stating – “Natarajan and Harrison have both been part of the City Council that approved those prudent fiscal measures” – so the reader is left to wonder why Natarajan over Harrison?

    Why, indeed.

    Not suprisingly, the writing in this opinion is so broad and generous in its claims (for ALL it endorses) that it is strongly reminiscent of the various pro-incumbancy statements which have permeated this venue for so long.


  2. All things left to their own, Harrison wins the mayoral election because, while she may carry a portion of Mission and Laurelwood (whatdya wanna guess – 9k maybe 10k MAYBE 15k votes?), Glenmoor and Niles will totally back Bill and he wins with the same (just under) 20,000 votes that we see year after year . . . . unless –

    Unless, Anu does something different *and smart* and joins forces with someone . . . .someone that has an electorate different than that of Bill H.

    SO – hypothetically – just for kicks – let’s play “what if” – and let’s say Anu endorses Vinnie and Vinnie endorses Anu and they both rally their respective supporters to back one another.

    The population of Vinnie supporters and Anu supporters have (largely) been mutually exclusive of one another . . . . so if Vinnie puts his 13k votes on top of Anu’s 13k votes . . . . MAYBE, Anu ends up as 1st Indian-American woman Mayor.

    Or else, she does nothing and enjoys another couple of years on the Council. . . .

  3. #2 – you heard it here first.

    Anu – whoever is managing your campaign is suspect.

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