Fremont Mayoral Candidate Bio Boxes — Susoev


Name: Linda Susoev

Age: 57

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Occupation: Housekeeper

Elected/Appointed Political Office: None

Personal Background: Single

Education: Graduate of Mt. Eden High School in Hayward

Website: None

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I know organizations like the League of Women Voters have to play fair with all the candidates, but every time Susoev appears at candidate forums it is so uncomfortable when she gives the same three answers to all the questions. It’s really sad as she obviously has problems.

    She’s not a serious candidate and ends of siphoning off votes from the serious ones. Vinnie Bacon might have beat Harrison last time for city council if Susoev hadn’t received so many votes, for example.

  2. Linda Susoev, Is a good person, Yes She has problems , but so do a lot of people like Michael of Niles (Charlie)
    people who have mental illness are not necessarily institutionalized, and should be treated respectively as a person with a disability.
    Only in America!

  3. Divide and conquer Kevin – – – one of the two primary staples of Fremont politics. . . the other is dont give the non-voting populace any reason to cast a ballot.

    On another front and as reported first here –


    – we’ve authorized the City Manager to spend $195k this next year and $120k in (up to) each of the next three years to “..execute an agreement with The Hoffman Agency for public relations/marketing communications services..”

    Diaz was quoted as calling the decision to contract with a 3rd party for promotional services as “out of the box thinking”……..

    Gosh – if that’s our definition of “out of the box” we are truly living in some highly insular environment of our own creation. . . .

    But, hopefully Mr. Diaz was alluding to things to come and beyond just acquiring a commodity of outsourced 3rd party services . . .. which is commonplace.

    You know what would be REAL “out of the box” thinking? How about contracting with these folks at a rate which covers ONLY their expenses – let’s say $80k a year but with a significant BONUS for some measurable accomplishment?

    So – for example – if we are only losing 5 employers with rosters of more than 200 employees per year at present – – – how about if we break even in 2013 and, in that case, Hoffman gets their bonus – just for grins, let’s peg it at a figure of $250k??

    Or, we can just write them their $120k check because they’ve delivered a few web pages and some press releases next year. . . . and in addition to their bill for professional services taxpayers can be left wondering just what they got. . . .

    Hopefully for whatever we decide the taxpayers will spend with these folks – – -they’ll at least be able to help Anu and Bill and Sue build a pretense of being concerned about Fremont businesses.

    So much damage to our reputation after trampling over so many of our business residents in our rush to catch the stadium-bound bus . . . . it will undoubtedly require the expertise and concerted efforts by many before our city will ever be considered a pro-business environment again.

  4. I appreciate all readers and comments here. Thanks.

    Having said that … please make this the last time there are any comments about a poster’s mental health. It qualifies as a personal attack and it’s not appropriate. Thank you.

  5. #1…KC, so are you saing it was Susoev and not Vinnies many bad decisions that sunk him in the last election?

  6. Fremont’s business reputation was damaged by the failure to land the stadium and not otherwise.
    And you know what; Bacon lost the last election on his own accord. Lets hope the voters see through his smoke and mirrors routine this time as well.

  7. I think any incumbent will tell you that the more “anti establishment” candidates there are, the better the incumbents do.

  8. The Argus once again have shown how out of touch the Editorial staff is with Fremont.
    I cannot figure out why they backed Dutra and Chan. Can anyone tell me what Chan has contributed to Fremont?
    I guess being good republicans is the reason?

  9. #8…and your guy Bacon, by opposing the A’s stadium chased away thousands of jobs and billions of dollars out of Fremont. Dutra and Chan are the better choice!

  10. I’m currently at a local watering hole hoping the A’s can pull another come from behind miracle! And in between innings, guess who popped up on the screen? Yep, non other than our favorite business killer himself; Vinnie Bacon! Really? Why in the world would he waste his money on that time slot. The whole place booed and hissed at Bacons commercial,,,,lol! Unbelievable!

  11. #10 – Gosh Warb’s – – guess you were in the little boys or girls wash room when Harrisson’s ad aired in the spot just prior . . . .

    If you’re gonna play the game, at least try to arrive on time would yuh?

  12. Boxed
    Yah know, Morrison’s ad wasn’t all that inspiring either

  13. Morrison? WarbleFly are you still at the local watering hole?
    Did you mean Boss Hawg Harrison?

  14. Ugh, that A’s game left me with a terrible hangover,,but we did have an amazing season, too bad it didn’t play out in Fremont. Yes, I meant Harrison!
    I haven’t seen any other local pol commercials. Has Anu put one out on broadcast tv? Just a few weeks left and I’m still undecided on the Mayor.
    No one here is talking school board, does anyone have a take?

  15. New thought – – – Natarajan and Harrison (roughly) split the established collective of active Fremont voters, neither one wins.

  16. I believe Anu Natarajan has the education in Urban Planning to take Fremont to the next level.
    I am tiresd of small time politicians that sell cars, dental secretarys, real estate/developers.
    Lets put some professionals in the Mayors Office

  17. I think you are right, West. Of the candidates for Mayor, Anu possesses the greatest potential to return to our community by viture of her education in civic planning. In some ways, this same fact makes her one of the greatest disappointments of current council members.

    Her record of achievement, the results she has contributed and advocated for, are very few and far between and stand in stark contrast to her many, many years of service.

    I have not heard her verbalize a single challenging or questioning word to the Centerville sink hole. She stood in strong support of a terribly flawed stadium concept. To your point, her years of education should have permitted her – above all others – to have understood the obvious and, in the case of Centerville, ongoing problems with these concepts.

    Education in this case seems to have been wasted. I’m looking closely at those who have at least been willing to call the King’s clothes for what they continue to be.

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