What are your biggest concerns in the Tri-City area right now?

In this election season, it’s a perfect time to discuss what you think are the most pressing problems in Fremont, Newark and/or Union City?

I’ll start with some topics:

Do you think Fremont can pull off developing a new downtown area AND the Warm Springs BART station zone?

Is crime a big concern for you? While the Tri-Cities has a lower crime rate than several other Alameda County cities, it seems like there are several home burglaries a week — sometimes per day. Have you been affected by this?

A common election theme this year is this: ‘Fremont is great, but we need to do a better job of letting the region and the nation know about it, so we can better attract desirable businesses and residents.’ Do you agree? Or is it just election-year bluster? 

There are plenty of other issues. Have at it. And let’s see if we can do this without discussing long-gone ballpark ideas. Please?

Chris DeBenedetti