What are your biggest concerns in the Tri-City area right now?

In this election season, it’s a perfect time to discuss what you think are the most pressing problems in Fremont, Newark and/or Union City?

I’ll start with some topics:

Do you think Fremont can pull off developing a new downtown area AND the Warm Springs BART station zone?

Is crime a big concern for you? While the Tri-Cities has a lower crime rate than several other Alameda County cities, it seems like there are several home burglaries a week — sometimes per day. Have you been affected by this?

A common election theme this year is this: ‘Fremont is great, but we need to do a better job of letting the region and the nation know about it, so we can better attract desirable businesses and residents.’ Do you agree? Or is it just election-year bluster? 

There are plenty of other issues. Have at it. And let’s see if we can do this without discussing long-gone ballpark ideas. Please?

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Win or lose, as long as Bacon is running for public office, the ballpark issue will remain on the table his actions led to our town being denied the greatest opportunity since the townships were united back in the 1950s. This issue is valid and should remain first and foremost in the election discussion..

  2. Can we all agree there is no there there, in Fremont? We need to elect representatives who favor *sensible developmet* that would be in the best interest of *all* the people. I would encourage those who are currently running for office to please give us your thoughts.

  3. WOW!! what are you two going to do when Bacon wins? These two really think that he was the one that stoped the ballpark HA HA Lew was never going to build in Fremont. Charlie complains about Vinnies dog but it’s ok for Charlie to pay thousands of dollars for season tickets for a baseball team. Hey Charlie if Vinnie voted for the ballpark would be ok to spend the two thousand dollars towards his season ticket’s instead of a pure bread dog.

  4. Speaking for myself, if Bacon wins, I’ll tip my hat and we will see how he does. If his past actions are any indication, it could be a mixed bag of results at best.
    I’m happy to see that we will finally get a Whole Foods or as some folks call it,, a “whole paycheck”! Perhaps, our fearless leaders could build on that and create a there here. I’d like to see more educational opportunitys like a Cal or CSUEB extension. In our old town, there is a surprising number of artists across the creative spectrum. I’d like to see an emphasis on the arts across the board. Wouldn’t be great to have an art college here?
    And as far as the Worble turns, I’m sure his preferred pure bread is sour dough,,,,lol

  5. #3…Wrong again Worbie. Bacon & Kathy Mac, his running mate thought they would get elected by opposing the ballpark. Vinnie really likes sticking it to (Lew) the man you know. That makes it even more absurd that he owns a 2K doggie! We all can agree this decision was not in the best interest of all the people of Fremont. Vinnie has to have known this, but getting elected was more important than what was in the best interest of Fremont. If Bacon does win will he try and get back the thousands of jobs and the billions of dollars he helped to drive out of Fremont? Remember this when you vote in the next election!

  6. Par for the TCB-course, fact-free postings. The “2K dog” (if that’s how much it cost) doesn’t even belong to Mr Bacon. It belongs to his ex-wife who bought a hypoallergenic dog for their son who has pet allergies. Mr. Bacon occasionally takes care of the dog (mostly when his son is with him) and borrowed it for a campaign commercial.

    Chris — I agree with your request, but this nonsense will go on as long as you allow it. It reminds me of USENET but unfortunately lacking the kill filters.

  7. #6…Chill out Blue and please read on.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    That would be our First Amendment… so I would suggest Vinnie go on record about the 2K dog… that just might be the *kill filter* you so desire.

  8. Comparing a legit political campaign issue such as the loss of the ballpark to the Wild West of the USENET is absurd.
    RB, can you get your pal to vouch for your tale of the 2K dog?

  9. Sigh…

    “Congress shall make no law…” I’m sure Chris & the TCB appreciate you equating them with the government. But since you can’t read, I’ll point out that the First Amendment prohibits *Congress* from stifling free speech but it has nothing to do with Chris setting a moratorium on rants, off-topic posts and obsolete topics that he and others don’t wish to have taking over every discussion. As the forum admin, its Chris’s choice to allow, or not allow, posters and posts that don’t conform to his rules. In this thread he specifically asked posters to avoid an obsolete topic from a minority of posters that has taken over every thread–the very first post violated that. In his place I would have deleted the post(s) and told the poster(s) that his/their ID(s) would be deleted if he/they did it again.

    My comparison of TCB to USENET is valid, with trolls high-jacking every conversation with inflammatory & off-topic messages trying to provoke an emotional response. I miss USENET “kill filters” here because they provided a simple way for each reader to decide to simply mask off topics and trolls without the need to censor posters in any way. Rant away–even under the “First Amendment” your “right to speak” doesn’t mean anybody else has to listen.


    I don’t think Fremont needs “a downtown” and I don’t know why the City Council is continuously hot & bothered by a need to create a single “downtown” somewhere. Perhaps a more distributed system works in Fremont–five “little downtowns” corresponding to the five districts which joined together to form the city.

    I am concerned about crime but statistically it’s not a *huge* problem. In my neighborhood we’ve instituted a neighborhood watch and many neighbors have installed video cameras to monitor homes and streets. People have alarms but the Fremont Police’s public no-show policy isn’t what I want to see–penalize ($) people for false alarms but don’t endanger citizens by letting the criminals know that the police won’t come. The rare home invasion, with the potential for violence, is scarier than burglaries.

  10. #9…So are you saying we shouldn’t debate a candidates positions taken as recently as the last election? When a candidate is running at the national level their past positions are always brought up and debated. Are you saying this shouldn’t be the case in local elections? I believe a canidate should always defend positions they have taken in the past… don’t you?

  11. Home invasion, while frightening to most, (according to the statistics) has a high statsitical correlation to outstanding gambling debts of the individuals (or their families) involved. Statistically, if you or your family are not involved in illicit gambling of some sort, your likelihood of an invasion-type robbery falls significantly.

    Crime is *always* one of those wonderfully emotional topics which is good to keep center stage when the issue of pensions and funding for safety services arises. Our media does a fine job on this front.

    Verified response is a joke and would love to see someone tear into the alternatives of billing residents for the time and effort necessary to respond to a false alarm. . many communities do so. . any manager could figure out how to turn this “overhead” into a profit making activity.

    RB makes a great point. The preoccupation with a “downtown” feels like a bit of a knee-jerk (and amateurish) response to the anecdotal “there is no ‘there’ . . . .”- which is seriously disconnected from the reality of our historical districts.

    Our most significant problems stem from a lack of leadership, vision, and – much more significantly – accountability for action and planned results (or lack thereof).

  12. San Jose and other major metropoltan cities are adopting Fremont’s Verified Response program saving them thousandds of dollars,by not responding to false alarms which ar 98% of the alarms.
    Charlie has the stadium issue and Bbox has the verified response issue
    If you go back , back and back you will see Bbox messages on this issue and they were all about the same as His last one.
    Verified Response is working!.

  13. The argument in favor of verified response is that it saves money. My counter argument is that, if you wish to, you can charge for the resources involved – thereby subsidizing those resources. Thus far in this debate, there has been no response to the counter-argument.

    To assert that this attempt to rationally discuss an alternative by burying the argument in a “it’s like Charlie”, is in and of itself, an ignoring of the facts.

    I’ll drop this argument, West, as soon as ANYONE offers a plausibe explanation as to why we are unable to bill (and why so many other communities are ABLE to bill) residents for the resources deployed.

  14. We need a downtown, but why can’t we sustain our townships historic areas as well? When did it become an either/or issue?
    BTW, Getrude Stein was an amazing artist, her poetry is far from “anecdotal”.
    We would do well to have leaders well versed in the arts which their vision could only benefit from.
    It’s yet one of those “emotional” intangibles that some folks can’t seem to understand in the least.

  15. Bbox…. Here is my arguement about paying for alarm responses,
    You have developed a class of wealthy people that basically have there own police force. While poor people will suffer. The idea of having people pay for police services is a very bad idea.
    Sounds Republican!!!!

  16. WarbleFly, Why does Downtown and the Historic Districts be a an either/or issue.
    Do both, most of the work and money has gone to the Historic Districts.
    Both can not only survive but prosper

  17. #17 – That’s an interesting opinion West. However, it flies in the face of *some* data I have been able to gather.

    Here’s one reference –


    The conclusion of an independant citizens task force for the City of Los Angeles concluded (amongst other things) – “. . . . . that the poorest neighborhoods in the City, on average, have the same percentage of alarm systems as those at the higher end of the economic scale. Some of the sharpest opposition to the LAPD policy of verified response came from lower socioeconomic neighborhoods and redevelopment districts.”

    BTW – the facts concluded by this independent citizens committee were quite contradictory to information which had been previously provided by their local PD in originally rationalizing the verified response policy.

    So – while this may not be statistically relevant for our community, I think it seems to contradict your conclusion.

    That said – – – I stand by my deal.

    I’ll shut the heck up on this topic if someone can explain why we are unable to bill in a manner which covers our cost of response to residential alarms and why other communities can.

    Finally, West – – I know I’ve been persistant on this topic. And, in the end – it actually has nothing to do with verified response and everything to do with how things get done in this town.

    We don’t think.

    If we want to make money on false alarms. We could.
    We say we need money – but, in this instance – we CHOOSE to ignore the prospect to create an income.

    We CHOOSE to ticket and collect on parking meter violations . . . . which requires time and effort by our PD. I could argue that parking meters redirect police resources away from more important things – – – but, somehow, we make the time. What’s the difference, West?

    This issue is simply another example of the underlaying problem with our community and its leadership, West.

    THe same kind of lack of critical thinking that gets us an empty pit at Dumbarton Quarry also results in an empty lot in Centerville and years worth of expenditures on a “downtown plan” with nothing to show for it – AND, a missed money-making *and* community service opportunity with a “verified response” policy.

    P.S – if you MUST have a label – I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal not sure if that’s Republican or Dem – – you tell me.

  18. Will there ever be a there in Fremont? If the answer is *no* then we should all get the hell out and appoint Vinnie King!

  19. #8 and #6 – Spoke with an irrefutable source this past Sunday. RB’s story is 100% accurate. The dog in the pictures was not Vinnie’s choice to acquire.

  20. #21…Then I guess it’s ok to chase thousands of jobs and billion of dollars out of Fremont as well? Admit it…Vinnie & Mitt are birds of a feather, two elitist looking for something to pass the time.

  21. WOW!! Fremont Ranked Top U.S. City For Tech Startups. And without a ballpark how can that be?

  22. Vinnie, is that really you?

    Yeah…and the stadium really didn’t work out in San Francisco did it?
    If the A’s (a multibillion-dollar business) were playing in Fremont tonight over 40,000 fans from all walks of life would be right here spending their money..imagine that! Isn’t spending money (like baseball fans do in SF) good for the city’s economy? Isn’t providing good jobs for our citizens good for the city’s economy? And don’t forget tourists coming to Fremont…imagine that! If you really “mean business” then you should regret opposing and killing what would have been good for businesses and in the best interest of Fremont. Glad to see you’re defending past positions that many Fremont voters disagree with.


  23. Fremont ranked Tops – – – BUT ONLY if you rule out markets such as Biomed, Healthcare, Automotive, and dozens of others – – – OH and, if you are willing to “tweak” the raw data to “…remove, among other things, businesses identified as branches of other organizations.”

    That little catch-all phrase “among other things” is an interesting disclaimer.

    This kind of “tweaked” data that is masquerading as information has been around for decades and used to rationalize all kinds of nonesense – – –


    It’s been interesting to watch this story evolve since it originated – Compare the current Merc version to this one which is six days old –


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