Fremont Economic Development Coordinator

The city of Fremont has made it pretty clear that it is planning to go pretty hard at developing its “downtown area,” as well as the zone around the soon-to-be-built Warm Springs BART station. One clue is the number of staffing that they are adding. 

Recently, the city hired Jennifer Chen to serve as its new Economic Development Coordinator, spokeswoman Cheryl Golden said. Chen started in late July, replacing Hope Shapiro. 

Chen will earn an annual salary of $90,000. 

She  previously spent 10 years working in San Jose’s Redevelopment Agency, where she focused mostly on industrial development, Golden said.

Chen’s hiring came around the time the city added Jessica von Borck to serve in the role of Fremont’s downtown project manager, a newly created position. Von Borck will earn an annual salary of $122,500.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. It would be nice to have a full time Mayor and Council. They would not have to spend so much for outside help. We need a full time Mayor anfd Council!

  2. I totally agree! Our old town is the 4th largest city in the Bay Area. We deserve full time elected representation.

  3. Everyone agrees we want some kind of economic development.

    On one side of the argument, you’ve got the likes of the Harrison, Natarajan, Dutra clan that would have joined forces to bring loads of minimum wage part-time jobs to Fremont, while simultaneously entangling established businesseses and their many employees and their careers with unresolved traffic and parking problems . . .

    Heck, Lew is SOOO concerned about the price he has to pay his beer vendors that, even before he’s got a green light in San Jose, he’s advocating against an increase in the minimum wage –


    – and WHY might that be??

    Answer is simple, because a huge portion of his stadium payroll is at minimum wage!

    If you want the kind of “planning” that promotes minimum wage jobs at the expense of established employers and benefits and payrolls . . . . . .plesae, vote for Harrison, Dutra, Natarajan or any of their clones.

    If you want the kind of “planning” that wants to attract (AND KEEP) responsible members to our business community, check your ballot carefully.

    They all want “business” and “jobs”.

    The difference is in the quality of the kind of jobs they are fighting to bring to your community *and* who’s businesses and career and employees they’re willing to trample on in doing so.

  4. #3…Unresolved traffic and parking problems? Is that all you got? Sounds like the kind of argument little people make when they don’t get their way. The stadium would have brought Fremont thousands of jobs and not all of those jobs would have been for the minimum wage. Give me a break! Vinnie opposed the stadium and therefor prevented Fremont from becoming a better place. Vinnie was wrong. Vinnie does not make good decisions and that is something we can all agree on!

  5. Well good to see some things don’t change, but could you two stop your bickering for just a moment, and please give me your opinion on what Fremont is supposed to get for $212,000 from these two new city employee;
    amd if it is worth getting at that price if we do get it?

    that would be much appreciated.

  6. I think yours is a great question, Tony.

    DOnt know the answer.

    I’m certain there will be a list with names of businesses on a list, or perhaps a “new” building somewhere, someday – – – theese things will *now* be ( in part) lauded as the result of these positions. Of course, some of these would have occurred of their own without any special postion created, some maybe not.

    The kinds of “deliverables” these positions are responsbile for likely are currently supported by other individuals who fill these roles along with other duties.

    Hopefully by hiring two dedicated individuals, you also get some incremental results. But, it’s impossible to measure since, you cant know what WOULD have been.

    The only certainty is the expense which is added to the payroll.

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