Fremont Crime News of the Day

Fremont Police — Oct. 11, 2012

#025, Drug possession: Officer conducted a traffic stop near Eggers Drive & Kimbro Street, where he contacted a male pobationer. During the probation search, the officer located a controlled substance. The male was arrested.

#021, Battery investigation: Officers arrested a male subject that was involved in a battery that occurred on Wolfe Court. While handcuffed in the rear of the patrol car, the male kicked the rear window shattering the window and breaking the window frame. The suspect was placed in the WRAP and transported to Santa Rita where he was additionally booked for vandalism.

#029, Restraining Order violation: Officer investigated a restraining order violation that occurred on Scofield Drive. He arrested a male for a violation of a court order.

#002: Assault with a deadly weapon – At about midnight an argument occurred between 3 of 8 occupants of an apartment at Pathfinder Village. The renter, believed to be under the influence of drugs, decided to attack two of the others with a knife. 2 males were stabbed (non-life threatening) and were able to flee the unit with 4 others. The suspect and his girlfriend remained in the apartment. FPD Units arrived on scene and met with the victims. A surround and call-out was initiated, and after failed attempt to escape out a bedroom window, the stabber and girlfriend surrendered at the front door and were taken into custody. Detectives were called out and completed the investigation.

#008: Driver slumped over the wheel – A female is found passed out in the driver’s seat while parked on Scott Creek at 680. She was arrested for drunk in public.

#013: Residential Burglary at 34800 blk Armour Wy. Entry made via side door kick. Burglary was possibly interrupted by home owner.

#018 Residential Burglary, 35000 block of Paseo Padre Parkway

#027 Residential Burglary, 43000 block of Castle Park Ct

Chris DeBenedetti