Fremont Candidate Videos

Fremont Councilman Bill Harrison is one of five candidates running for mayor. You will find no endorsements in this space and I’m not sure where Harrison will finish on Election Day. But he might be leading the race in campaign videos.

Here’s one that’s a parody of “Just a Bill,” the old Schooltown Rock song/animation.

And then there’s an old-fashioned campaign TV commercial, offering “a dose of Harrison as the clear choice for a healthy Fremont.” It’s pretty clever and a well-made ad.  

I’ll include videos from some of the other candidates in the coming days.

Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. The Argus has done a really terrible job covering the Fremont Local Election.I have learned about Oakland politics, San Leandro Politics.
    The Argus has Screwed the people of Fremont. They have taken the Oakland Tribune and just changed the mast head to read the Argus Fremont. This is a lack of integrity.
    They are so concerned about making money, they are providing a vehicle for selling advertising.
    It is obvious that the Bang News Group does not give a damn about Fremont.
    There is a group that is exploring fixing this, either through the Courts or Government Agencies.
    Do the Bang Newsgroup think we are morons, that we do not see what is happening.
    Well I am here to tell you that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes…….

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