Fremont Crime News of the Day

Fremont Police Patrol Blotter

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#004 Warrant Arrest
Officer arrested a 24 year old adult male for outstanding warrants at Motel 6 north.

#006 Warrant Arrest
Officer arrested a 25 year old adult male for outstanding warrants.

#011 Loitering/Resisting Arrest
Officer attempted to detain a group loitering at 4250 Central Ave. When two suspects ran away, officer arrested a 19 year old adult male for resisting arrest.

#044 5150/Overdose
Officers responded to the 40000 block of Blacow Rd for a 44 year old adult female who had overdosed. Friend calls PD, subject transported to hospital in stable condition.

#052 Warrant Arrest
Officer arrested a 41 year old adult male for a warrant.

#039 Warrant Arrest
Officer arrested a 44 year old adult male for a drug related warrant.

#043 Warrant Arrest
Officer arrested a 31 year old adult male on a robbery warrant.

#054 Warrant Arrest
Officer arrested a 31 year old adult male on a drug related warrant.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. and the beat goes on,,………. I have been gone for a week and when I come back, it is the same old crap. We are so tired of The ballpark wet dream. Please stop it
    I think the two of them are driving good people away.
    Oh well, even Freedom of Speech can be abused!!!!!

  2. Funny you chose to lend one more stick on the fire of “Same old stuff”, West.

    You could have just as easily chosen to respond to Tony’s question . . . . .

    You had a choice of how to participate in this venue and for whatever reason it would appear that you opted for the least common denominator.

  3. Bbox, you post are usually interesting, but I find your discussions with Charlie to be a bore……
    You are throwing fuel to the fire by responding to him…
    Think about it

  4. #1…Your *wet dream* comment was unnecessary and inappropriate. The ballpark issue is still alive and haunting you and the others who opposed and killed it. Vinnie is running again and should be held accountable for his past decisions that many feel were not in Fremonts best interest.

  5. Hey CalGuy-
    Why don’t you turn on your TV right now and watch thousands of people spending millions of dollars in San Francisco… then go vote for job killer Bacon!

  6. …where they’d still be even if a stadium was under construction in Fremont for the postseason A’s.

    (I know, I know, I shouldn’t feed the troll. But I just couldn’t stop myself…).

  7. Charlie C Is a Master Baiter. He can’t see past the smoke from his bong to see the real truth. most of the people in Fremont did not want a stadium in Fremont. It’s even funnier that he thinks that Vinnie was the big killer of the stadium. Why not blame the mayor and the city council for not getting it done? puff puff Charlie Tuna you and your wet dream of a stadium are all but smoke from your bong.

  8. Wow, letting “circle jerk” and “master baiter” fly on these pages?

    I see this this little experiment of “elevating” the quality of exchange by editing reader contributions has done wonders. The same 5 accounts running in circles, and into each other.

    The comment sections have become such a barren mishmash of regurgitation that I find myself looking forward to Bbox’s hyperbolized assemblance of never ending conspiracies separated by the overuse of ellipses.

    I also see how that critical mass of readers sitting on the sidelines has come gushing forward now that the blog has cleaned up it’s act. Especially those fragile beings who initially contacted Chris demanding my post be removed because it made a funny at their expense.

    Also remarkable is how DeBenedetti’s day-one dictation that the “ballpark issue is dead” has been met with consensus, and that we have all moved on.

    The truth is this blog thrived in the past because it was a little local venue for free exchange supported by the crutch of an honest-to-god newsman. And despite the constant clamoring by a few hypocrites, the occasional rancor was mutual, the resulting product consensual, enlightening and entertaining.

    Sadly, the new product is something I cant even type without being deleted, but it involves a cookie.

  9. What a coincidence Marty, that ellipses thing had Matt’s panties in a wad too for reasons unknown to me. I guess filling in the blanks presents some kind of challenge for some . . . . ..

    But, moving on to your thoughts re “conspiracy” – IF ONLY our management possessed the intellect necessary to concoct a conspiracy, I would, frankly, be ecstatic.

    But, come on, this current gaggle was incapable of doing the very quick and basic math necessary to figure out what it would take to fill Dumbarton Quarry, how in the world do you think they could plan and execut any kind of cabal?

    All of which is moot however, it turns out, your assumption of my sense of “conspiracy” is just plain wrong (again). Let me be clear –

    I’m guessing that what you would like to misconstrue as “conspiracy” theory are, in actuality, nothing more than my collective observations of small-town-political-group-think, masquerading as some kind of “vision” and producing agonzingly little in the way of *planned* results.

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