Memorial scheduled Thursday for Logan High teacher

A memorial for a James Logan High School teacher who died earlier this month has been scheduled Thursday afternoon, a New Haven Unified School District spokesman said.

The memorial planned in tribute of Chris Ryan, a 54-year-old Redwood City man, is scheduled to begin at 3:45 p.m. at the Logan High Performing Arts Center at 1800 H St., said district spokesman Rick LaPlante.

The school library will be open during lunch periods Thursday, when students and staff are encouraged to write memories or tributes to Ryan on special stationery. The stationery then will be presented to his family.

“Chris loved books,” Logan High Principal Amy McNamara said. “Many, many people the past few weeks have spoken about his intellect and love of learning.”

Ryan, a Logan instructor since 1994, had been reported missing for two days before he was found dead Oct. 11, in a ravine near Interstate 280 in San Mateo County.

His cause of his death still is being investigated, San Mateo County Coroner’s officials said Wednesday.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Copied from FB.
    As a regular observer of the Fremont City Council meetings, both in person and on television, one council member has always impressed me. Anu Natarajan, during her council tenure, has always proved to be very well prepared for all issues the council addresses.

    Besides her training as an urban planner, both academically and professionally, she is always ready and willing to take a stand, both traits needed to steer the city to an even greater future.

    Natarajan has the dedication, work ethic, knowledge and vision to take us forward. She knows the importance of a connected community, working to create a Fremont that is a great place to live for young adults, parents with kids and seniors.

    These qualities are the reason I am supporting Natarajan to be Fremont’s next mayor. Before casting your vote Nov. 6, I ask that you please consider Natarajan for our future, and vote with me to create an even better Fremont with Anu Natarajan as our mayor.

  2. #1 Interesting observations of many personal traits.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but, I do not see any statement of accomplishment – – not one.

    With all respect, this is the other edge of the same blade that Charlie tosses around. Personalized banter which brings little or no substance to, what SHOULD be, a substantive discussion of position on issues, results delivered, and plans for the future. (With the last point being the least prolific)

  3. I am also backing Vinnie Bacon for Fremont City Council. He has a Masters Degree in Urban Planning, a Masters degree in Transportation from UC Berkely.
    I think the city of Fremont deserves some professionals to guide us to the next level.
    What do you think “WindBag”

  4. This has to be one of the very few venues in which any time someone disagrees with another, the immediate response is to swing to the emotional extreme.

    West, instead of resorting to name calling, why wouldn’t you say something like – “In addition to the personal traits and educational pedigree I’ve mentioned above, Anu has done X, Y, and Z for our community.” – – – – You know, counter the objections and prove my statements incorrect.

    Instead, you discredit your own reputation and that of the candidate you’re supporting by resorting to the same nonesense that you’ve criticized CHarlie for.

    Go figure. . . .

  5. #5 I’m afraid this blog has become the calguy and the boxies own version of Fernwood tonight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbR5dUJFMPs
    Citizens of Fremont…let’s not forget (clue #1 smells like bacon) who chased thousands of jobs and billions of dollars out of Fremont! Yes…the beat goes on!

  6. Good response, West. . .no doubt you gave that some considerable thought.

    I’ll drop yours into the same category as Charlie’s.

  7. X, Y, and Z … Bacons has driven thousands of jobs and billions of dollars out of our community. Check and mate!

  8. WF,

    I agree. The rest of the posters to this thread should be ashamed. And Chris needs to start deleting posts.

  9. #10 RB … ashamed? give me a break! are you saying we should we be *ashamed* of the first amendment? this really smells of bacon!

  10. and the beat goes on!
    The Giants Won the World Series they won 4 staight. I could not wait to get the paper with the bold headline…Giants Sweep World Series,
    Ooops, wait a minute, The Bang Newspaper does not have a Monday edition.Damn, I will go buy the ONLY other newspaper in the Bay Aera..The Chronicle !!!

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