Fremont mayor’s results appear clear, but Cho not conceding

Steve Cho is, if nothing else, very persistent.

As of Friday morning — about 2-1/2 days after polls closed — Fremont’s mayoral results looked like this: Bill Harrison had captured 35 percent of the vote, while Steve Cho had 31.3 percent and was trailing by about 1,850 votes. Anu Natarajan was third with 25.9 percent, Aziz Akbari was fourth with 5.4 percent, and Linda Susoev finished with 2.16 percent.

Cho said the day after the election that county election officials told him they will spend the rest of the week counting remaining ballots, when he hopes his tally passes Harrison’s. If Harrison were to extend his lead in that time, Cho said he does not have a number in mind that would prompt him to concede the race.

“I’ll wait until I get to that point,” he said.

Chris DeBenedetti

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