Fremont election results likely to leave open City Council seat

As this Citywise story in Saturday’s Argus covered … If the election results hold and Bill Harrison is officially certified by the Registrar as Fremont’s mayor-elect, it cause a reshuffling of the makeup of the City Council for the third time in as many years.

Barring unexpected changes, Harrison would vacate his council seat when he is sworn in next month, City Clerk Nadine Nader said. The remaining four council members, including the new mayor, then will have 60 days to choose a replacement to serve the remaining two years on Harrison’s council term.

Their two options for that are holding a special election or appointing a new council member after interviewing applicants.

Most cities choose to make an appointment to avoid a costly special election but also to retain control over who they will be working with on the council.

Earlier this year, the Fremont council appointed Gus Morrison to serve as mayor on an interim basis after Mayor Bob Wasserman died.

Last year, the Newark City Council appointed then-Planning Commissioner Bob Marshall to fill the council seat vacated when Alan Nagy was elected mayor.

In 2010, Fremont council members appointed Dominic Dutra, who served on the council from 2002 to 2006, to replace Bob Wieckowski, who resigned after being elected to the state Assembly. Dutra was selected after three council members ranked him first, while Harrison ranked then-Human Relations Commissioner Raj Salwan first and Dutra second.

Who would be the front-runners for appointment this time?

Might it be another Dutra family member, John J. Dutra, who finished third in the council race won by Vinnie Bacon and incumbent Councilwoman Sue Chan? Or will it be Salwan, now a Fremont planning commissioner and still a Harrison ally?

Friday, Harrison said it was too premature to say. Stay tuned.




Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Just the facts…
    Go figure….Vinnie Bacon just sent out a very nasty email demonizing developers. Fact is Bacon has a giant chip on his shoulder and you should all be concerned that he is not working for you. Bacons *obsession* with fighting with developers is abnormal and we all can agree not in the best interest of Fremont. For Vinnie to comprise for what is in our best interest is not going to happen. The minority of you who voted him in should be ashamed!

  2. Just the farts outta Charlie C. Meat-puppet’s mouth.
    Some Tully McTurd puppeteer parroted a very nasty
    bulletin demonizing Vinnie Bacon in the post above. Fact is Charlie C has a giant hand up jammed into his empty head. Fingers make Charlies lips flap obsessively, fighting any concerned citizen who isn’t trying to agree with everybody.

    And the person who implanted the chip into Charlie’s head isn’t interested in what is best for you. . Developing opinions based in fact is nothing to be ashamed of but Charlie’s programmed , handjob head belongs to a master and gives
    that hand the finger it points at you.

    This is in Fremont’s best interest.

  3. Charlie or Micheal of Niles,
    Can you count,”The minority of you who voted him in should be ashamed!”
    I beleive Vinnie got over 50% of the vote, remember Micheal, you could vote for two.
    Would someone expplain this the Charlie, Oh never mind, it is hopeless!!!!!!

  4. Moderator Chris= #2 is a personal attack and should be removed.
    That said, I for one will give Vinnie a chance, before I make any judgements. (Except for his omnishambles of the ballpark) Do I have to subscribe to a Vinnie list to get his demonizing emails?
    Hope someone who didn’t run for office gets Harrison’s spot. Anyone have some inside speculation to share?

  5. I believe Harrison had a falling out with the Dutra’s. The Dutra’s would certainly like to have some control over the development of Fremont. They have been active in Fremont Politics forever.
    Harrison will probably appoint Raj Salwan, I have heard good things about Raj.
    Anyone else with any info?

  6. One thing I will say about Raj Salwan is that after I posted some critical comments about him on this blog I was inundated with hits and searches related the to handle used for my blog login. This activity was incessant and lasted for many days.

    In my opinion the guy is very thin skinned and obsessive when it comes to dissent. There are more personal events that have formed my opinion of the guy that I can’t detail, and to be fair I seem to be in the minority. That being said, I would be very concerned if he were appointed to a position of meaningful power.

  7. Until this moment, I had relatively few thoughts or opinions of Mr Salwan.

    But, given Marty’s testimonial my opinion has now been solidified.

    If Salwan cares enough about the right things to have been upset by Marty’s unique brand of nonesense – that’s good enough for me.

    I like the guy!

  8. Metaphors can be a useful and entertaining means of communication – – – when they work.

    I’m going to suggest that Marty attempt a little experiment and perhaps he’ll discover why this particular metaphor is completely useless. I place only limited hope in the outcome as doing so will require observation of cause and effect and a grasp of the facts, something that my friend Marty seems short on time and time again.

    Marty, next time you’re out and about on a sunny day – watch your “shadow” and tell me if it tends to stay with you or if it walks in the opposite direction.

    Cute – – – but not very smart.

  9. Kevin, Yes, it is completly crazy. I feel good about young people getting into politics/public service.
    There were instances in the campaign where He did not use common sense or courtesy, but He is young and learning.

  10. Can you enumerate those examples. All I know is that I saw Harrison and Natarajan rolling their eyes at one of the debates when he was speaking- and to me it sounded very sensible to me (when they were rolling eyes)

  11. I would rather not say, the election is over. Get involved with local politics then you will learn all the back stories and all the intrigue that the Argus never publishes it, unless it is Mayor Quan of Oakland!!!

  12. .#10 Its all good. We do understand . That Bacon situation kinda got away from you didnt it?

  13. The chip on Vinnies shoulder has spoken and the shoulder chip clearly hates so called evil developers! Do ya think Sigmund Freud could have explained the deep seeded anger that drives Vinnie to hate *all* developers? It doesn’t matter if those so called “evil developers” might build something that would benefit Fremont. It is clear Vinnie will always do his best to represents the luntic fringe…but would he ever be willing to to compromise to what would be in our cities best interest? Long live Vinnie the arrogant!

  14. …and:

    “Vinnie would probably have been a good council member. But in my opinion, he deserves to sit on the sidelines for another two years and think about the benefits of considering opposing views as valid. He needs to understand the importance of meeting in the middle, as well as the role of compromise in forging workable solutions that meet the goals of both sides (eg Patterson Ranch). This would be in place of his current mode of running around town opposing shit left and right.”

  15. #17 Oh Marty . . . . you’ve got a boatload more backpedalling before you can un-do the many dozens of personalized and degrading commentary you’ve authored, not only in this venue, but – wasn’t there also a public web site you authored?

    We’ll START to consider the prospect of a lighter, softer (more thoughtful?) side once these have ALL been retracted.

    LOOOOOOOOONG way to go, my friend.

  16. BACON BACON BACON. Its funny that Charlie thinks that the handfull of his cronnies are the majority in Fremont. Puff Puff Charlie you and warblfly really need to quite hitting the bong.

  17. Charlie C or Michael of Niles.
    I understand your psychosis about Vinnie.
    Vinnie has stated time after time that He only opposes developers that want to build houses where there is no schools for them to attend.
    A good case in point is the Patterson development that is been approved but is yet to be built.
    The superintended of the FUSD told the planning commission that those kids would be bused to Warm Springs. The Patterson Development is almost in Union City.
    Please check your facts Michael. I would also recommend that you get medical help….

  18. So predictable….anyone remember “SQUIRREL!” In the movie “Up” ? Witness the Same instinct-driven knee-jerk response by so many. Marty would call it “shadow” but in this case there are several!

  19. Shadow, It appears you’re a person with intense emotions related to my presence here. If there is anything I can do to avert this intense scrutiny and obsession please let me know.

  20. #21 Hey CalGuy..is it really true that since your leader has been elected you’re off the viagra? Let’s hope Councilman Bacon can get back all the jobs and money he and Kathy Mac helped chase out of Fremont! Little men with chips on their shoulders often turn out to be not so good in the end. Vinnie please, ignore what the chip on your shoulder telling you and compromise with the ones you truly despises. For heavens sake do what’s is best for Fremont for once in your life! And CalGuy would please tell Vinnie that a evil developer is not living under his bed.

  21. #23 – Hello pot . . .

    If ANYONE in this venue has exhibited an intense emotional involvement and preoccupation, at the top of that list would have to be that individual who took the time to build a web site which made a singular political candidate the butt of its claims, jokes and mis-statements.

    Having constructed and maintained same for so long, (years?) and to now argue that “for many days” you became the focus of another indivdiuals attentions and to use that observation as (in part) evidence of this individuals lack of sensibilities is . .two-faced?? – disengenuous – (the list goes on and on) . . but never mind, if you haven’t grasped this concept by now, it aint never gonna happen.

    If ANYONE on this venue is living in a proverbial “shadow” – it can only be those of you who have for so long avoided the use of facts in your prosecution in a court of public opinion and which consistantly and singularly chases one name and topic. Truly, there is not t better example of living in this proverbial shadow than those of you who continue to do the same knee-jerk response to the mention of the stadeeumm and Bacon.

  22. Thanks for providing those thoughts, Shadow.

    I am going to challenge you to provide one item on my blog that is not true. I would also like to ask if you can tell the difference between my political activism and your sniveling obsession.

  23. “. if you haven’t grasped this concept by now, it aint never gonna happen.”

  24. Charlie C or Michael of Niles,
    I understand your psychosis about Vinnie. Please get some medical help!

  25. #28…CalGuy, nice to hear that your leaders election got you to quit taking viagra. I’m sure you and rest of the true believers are just fine with Vinnies nasty e-mail demonizing those evil developers! Good start for the Councilman and a great way to bring us all together! Fyi, just spoke to a couple of your neighbors and they say it’s time to take down the Anu and Bacon signs.

  26. Michael of Niles,
    I understand your psychosis about Vinnie. Please get some medical help!

  27. #30…CalGuy another profound post. I’ll bet #32 will even be better! May I suggest with all the money you’re saving on no longer needing viagra you buy yourself a real expensive (danderless) dog and train it to attack all evil developers. We just couldn’t tolerate if developers build something to make Fremont a better place now can we?

  28. Stadium is dead.
    Vinnie is in office.

    But, there’s still no answer on what those of you who voted in favor of Prop Z think you will uniquely receive in return for your unabated philnathropy to WTHS.

    ANd, personally, I would love to know more about the “under the table” dealings that India Times reported as contributing to the demise of Anu in her run for Mayor.

    So many topical opportunities to discuss, or, we could continue with Marty’s brand of “political activism” and continue with the name calling. . . . or, we could take our ball and go home until the next round of personalized nonesense.

  29. All these insults flying back and forth is truly ridiculous. Chris, it’s high time to moderate, cut every post that contains a personal attack. Lets get this blog back on topic.

  30. #33 WableFly…Post #1 was *factual* and on on topic. The e-mail I was refering to is on record. What you call the “omnishambles” began with Tony Irvington post #2… that one really set the tone and fanned the flames for some what has followed. Your thoughts?

  31. Charlie, Warble, I take blame. I can’t post a single comment without Shadow taking out a vendetta, and I respond in kind. I will do my darnedest to stay on topic and learn to appreciate Mr Box for the outstanding effort he puts into his posts.

  32. and…
    #18 is the spot on gospel trut… this is what I was getting at in post #1.

    “Compromise is never anything but an ignoble truce between the duty of a man and the terror of a coward.”

    Your thoughts?

  33. I’m very sure Amma would concur with Marty on post #18. Very strange the Caifornia Guy and or West hasn’t weighed in since his copy and paste post before noon. Could it be the fringe has run out of ammo?

  34. West is having an internal debate about dropping the “Marty is a master baiter” line. He’s not not so sure it will make people like him after Warble’s call for peace.

  35. Not a single political topic mentioned in the previous 9 posts, but, this is somebody’s definition of “political activism”

  36. Shadow, I was juxtaposing your petty responses with a blog I created to articulate my opposition to a pitiful candidate. Sorry that “pitiful” part was an iPhone autocorrect. I meant political.

  37. Maybe all the money Bacon refused to take from developers can be use to recall him.

  38. Charlie, let him serve. And even then, what exactly would justify a recall besides a serious crime?

  39. “It turns out that Raj Salwan Might be the most sued Vet in Northern California…”

    Did you have any specifics on this claim, West?

    The link you provide makes reference to suits which Salwan threatened to file, but, makes no reference to suits filed against him.

    Dont get me wrong, the public reputation as I have heard it over coffee with others hasn’t been particularly stellar for this business, but, I also dont have any basis in fact against which I could compare these kinds of anecdotes.

    This guy is not only a businessman but is also politically involved and it’s difficult to know how many of the opinions about this guys’ business practice are also politically motivated. . .

    Facts which compare the quality of this guys’ business practices to others who operate in a similar market might start to paint a picture. In the absence of specifics, we’re left with one more one-off personal anecdote which, frankly, draws (largely) from the same steaming bucket of sludge which my friend Charlie loves to serve up.

  40. #45… Your right! In Bacons case his arrogance is serious but not a crime, yet.

    #46… If you really want to bring *Fremont together* electing a such a divisive candidate as VB to our city council is not a good start.

    #47…Was Vinnies post election nasty email hating on developers be what you would consider a *a steaming bucket of sludge* my friend?

  41. The way I heard about Raj was at the Fremont Dog Park, I heard from many former customers there and at the Dog Park Blog.
    I knew of at least three people that were suing him. I heard this from the people suing him. I also heard anecdotal stories about filthy conditions,Leaving dead animals around for a long time.

    I do not care about Raj and what He does, but I do not want him representing the people of Fremont, especially being appointed to the Fremont City Council.

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