Harrison’s lead over Cho stabilizes thru weekend vote count

After a weekend of vote-counting at the Registrar’s office, it looks like Bill Harrison’s lead seems to be holding. On Friday, Cho reduced Harrison’s 1,900-vote lead to about 1,200 votes and the Registrar’s bleary-eyed employees still had the whole weekend to go.

But when the latest results were posted late Sunday afternoon, Harrison’s lead had slightly increased. Nearly a week after election day, Cho’s deficit now stands at 1,315 votes. As of Monday AM, here are the latest results:

Harrison: 20,922 votes — 34.09 percent

Cho: 19,607 votes — 31.95 percent

Natarajan: 16,066 votes — 26.18 percent

Akbari: 3,373 votes — 5.5 percent

Susoev: 1,300 votes — 2.12


Chris DeBenedetti