Election Roundup — Fremont Mayor

The latest ballot count was posted around 4:45 p.m. today (Wednesay, 11/14). The Alameda County Registrar has counted the vast majority of ballots, and just 16,000 provisional ballots — which must be handcounted — remain.  The bottom line is that the Fremont mayoral race figures are not budging. On Sunday afternoon, Bill Harrison had 34.09 percent of the vote and led second place candidate Steve Cho (who had 31.95 percent) by a 2.14 percent margin.

Three days later, it’s basically the same. Harrison now leads by 2.16 percent. Cho spoke to me on Nov. 7, the morning after Election Day and said he was not yet ready to concede. A week later, he has not returned any phone calls since last week.

Here are Wednesday’s results:

Bill Harrison — 21,971 votes — 34.03 percent

Steve Cho — 20,577 votes — 31.87 percent

Anu Natarajan — 16,883 votes — 26.15 percent

Aziz Akbari — 3,630 votes — 5.62 percent

Linda Susoev — 1,387 votes — 2.15 percent

Write-In — 118 votes — 0.18 percent

Chris DeBenedetti

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