Judge approves $90 million sale of Solyndra’s Fremont factory to Seagate

Story by BANG’s George Avalos:

The sale of Solyndra’s cavernous solar panel factory for $90.2 million to Seagate Technology was approved Thursday by a U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

“The primary use of the building will be to replace our current media R&D facility in Fremont,” Seagate spokesman Brian Ziel said in an email to this newspaper. “It’s a little too early to discuss exact plans in terms of expansion or hiring. We have about 500 employees in our current Fremont facility.”

The factory is perched prominently along Interstate 880 at 47488 Kato Road, the northern most building that Solyndra had operated on that street before the once high-flying solar maker imploded in August of last year.

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Chris DeBenedetti