Mayor-elect Harrison expected to be sworn in Dec. 4 (Cho concedes)

After a time-consuming ballot count maintained Bill Harrison’s lead over four opponents, second-place finisher Steve Cho on Monday conceded the Fremont mayoral race.

“I would like to congratulate Bill for winning the election,” Cho announced, 13 days after Election Day. “The voters in Fremont have spoken and made their choice.”

Pending the county registrar’s certification of the results — expected by next week, at the latest — officials say Harrison will be sworn in at a City Council meeting scheduled Dec. 4.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. The way I heard about Raj was at the Fremont Dog Park, I heard from many former customers there and at the Dog Park Blog.
    I knew of at least three people that were suing him. I heard this from the people suing him. I also heard anecdotal stories about filthy conditions,Leaving dead animals around for a long time.

    I do not care about Raj and what He does, but I do not want him representing the people of Fremont, especially being appointed to the Fremont City Council.

  2. I was at the City Hall to witness the swearing in ceremonies for,
    Vinnie Bacon, Sue Chan and New Mayor Harrison.
    The out going Councilmen Dominic Dutra saying good bye.
    The Magical special moment came after Mayor Gus said good bye.
    There was a standing ovatiuon that lasted several minutes…
    Althou I disagreed with him on some projects overall I think He was one of Fremonts Best Mayors…
    I hope He rights a book about the growth of Fremont and it’ politics

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