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Fremont Police Department

Monday, November 19, 2012

#026 Suicide Attempt
Officer Tarango was dispatched to the area of Pico Road and Vargas Road in an attempt to locate a missing person. Family members tracked his phone to that area. The male has a history of depression. Officer Tarango arrived to find the missing male unconscious inside his locked vehicle. The male had a self inflicted stab wound to his abdomen and was bleeding. Officer Tarango and Layfield breached the vehicle window to gain access into the vehicle. There was a large knife on the floor near the male who was awakened by the glass breaking. After a short struggle the male was controlled and medical aid was rendered. The 50+ year old male was transported to a local trauma center for treatment and placed on a mental evaluation hold. Nice work by Officers Tarango and Layfield to save this man’s life.

#033 Possession of a Controlled Substance Arrest
Offficer conducted a traffic stop at Paseo Padre/Sailway and arrested a 21 year old adult male for possession of a controlled substance.

#034 Warrant Arrest
Officer conducted a traffic Stop at Decoto/Canal and arrested an adult male on a $10,000 vehicle code related warrant.

#009 Warrant Arrest
Officers conducted a pedestrian stop and arrested a 19 year old adult male for two outstanding warrants.

#016 DUI Collision/Arrest
Traffic units arrived at corner of Sundale and Boone to confirm the driver involved in this non-injury collision was intoxicated. The female driver tried to drive over the raised cement median. A traffic officer arrested the driver, an 59 year old adult female, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

#025 Theft Arrest
Office responded to Luckys on Mowry to a reported theft. Store security had a suspect in custody for theft. Officer arrested the suspect, a 46 year old adult female for theft with a prior and for trespassing.

#027 Residential Burglary
CSO is investigating a residential burglary that occurred at the Camden Village Apartments.

Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. Twenty men in an Irvington warehouse of varying political, ethnic, religious and legal stripes would like to express their appreciation and admiration for how Tarango and Layfield handled the situation on Vargas. All here feel that it was an outcome that both the citizens of Fremont and the Police Force itself should be proud of.

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