The Harrison Era Begins

It started with tears and ended with laughter. That might explain the past four years in Fremont, which, like all California cities, have had to battle the double whammy of a terrible economy and a state fiscal crisis.

It also explains the swearing in of new Mayor Bill Harrison and council members Sue Chan and Vinnie Bacon. Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty swore in Harrison, his old friend. Haggerty started to cry during his comments but he forged through long enough to note that their fathers were good friends with each other and the previously elected mayor. “I had this vision that Bill’s father and my father were looking down, but there was a guy in the middle and had his arms around our fathers … and it was Bob Wasserman.”

Harrison, a witty guy who may set a record for mayoral quips, thanked his wife, Jennifer, and their two sons, and his mother. All were in attendance Tuesday.

“We all have to answer to people,” Harrison said. “I’m in a unique situation in that I have to answer to my mom.”

He then echoed his campaign comments, saying how excited he is to steer proposed projects like the Fremont downtown development and the Warm Springs BART plan. He then used a line oft-spoken by the late Bob Wasserman, who was Harrison’s mentor.

“We’re going to build a community where people can live, work, shop or play, and most importantly, raise a family.”


Chris DeBenedetti

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