Newark man dies Saturday in bike crash on Niles Canyon Road

Colleague Josh Melvin covered this over the weekend:

John Pickens, 66, of Newark, died Saturday while riding his bike at the intersection of Niles Canyon and Palomares roads just north of the Fremont city limits. Pickens was thrown from his bike and struck his head. Authorities said he was wearing a helmet.

For more of the story, click here.


Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I feel safer descending Hwy 84 at 40 mph in Woodside than I do riding 12 mph in the canyon. For it’s current level of use the road is too narrow with little room for error. Keep in mind, this what exists in reality, the traffic, speed and congestion that actually persists – not some quaint utopian hope that the canyon will stay locked in a time of rural splendor.

    No doubt if this road was wider with an appropriate shoulder this man would be alive.

    “Save the Canyon’ folks should pat themselves on the back. Maybe sing a crappy folk song to commemorate.

  2. #2 Bruce …Vinnie Bacon could sing Lemon Tree and then lead a small but vocal mob on to protest and defeat something that would be in Fremonts best interest! Sound familiar?

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