Union City mayor to bid goodbye after 19 years, 5 elected terms

For several of the 19 years that Mark Green served as mayor of Union City, he had strong disagreements with Fremont Mayor Gus Morrison over proposed changes to state Route 84, a plan to build a major thoroughfare along the cities’ border.

Green aggressively pushed for the project to accommodate Union City’s growth. Morrison disagreed, saying it would push too much traffic onto Fremont streets. In 2004, before the plan was eventually shelved, Morrison retired and soon received a parting gift from Green: a T-shirt bearing the number 84, a reference to their epic battles over the roadway.

Now, Green’s time as mayor is just about up. He has been termed out and, on Tuesday, Carol Dutra-Vernaci will replace him, ending the longest continuous mayoral tenure in Union City’s history.

To his many supporters, his vision, quick decision-making and hard-charging manner — coupled with his sharp-edged humor — are political strengths that helped him win five consecutive mayoral elections.

“I always try to deal off the top of the deck, face up,” Green said. “I’ve never been afraid to make a decision and then try to convince others.”

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Mayor Greene championed the road to nowhere or the Union City Bart
    Driveway. This is the road that would cut through Union City Bart from Missioin Blvd to Paseo Padre, which would mess up the traffic on Paseo
    It is a complete waste of Taxpayers money, it is not necessary. I believe it is on hold now. If the transportation tax passed in Alameda County we would have a road to no where. I want to thank all those that voted NO

  2. Good riddance, Mayor Green, who plowed over Union City’s historic Drive In for a cliche big box shopping center.

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