Thoughts and prayers go out to Newtown, Conn.

Story by wire reports

NEWTOWN, Conn. — In one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history, 27 people — including 18 children — died Friday morning during a shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

The shooter was one of the dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in western Connecticut, about 60 miles northeast of New York City.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the Sandy Hook school and Newtown communities.


Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Adnan Shahab contends he can “… feel the squeal of delight that comes from (people who are for gun control) when an incident like this comes along.”

    Wow. Would this be akin to open-carry advocates jumping for joy when in the near- future they read this story in the Argus:

    (Fremont,Ca) Yesterday police responded to report of a despondent man wearing only underwear and an empty gun-belt walking on Boyce Rd. near Auto Mall Parkway.
    The victim, a twenty-year-old resident of Mission San Jose, told police he had been mugged by three self-described “210 pound anti-war, give love a chance, peace-loving liberals”. The Muggers, who the victim, an open-carry advocate, described as “Three (overweight)(homosexuals). One white, one black, and one mexican.”, demanded an unloaded sidearm the victim had had in the gun-belt then ordered him to removed all his clothing which they then forcibly burned in his presence. The men allowed the victim to keep his wallet full of money, I.D. , credit and N.R.A. cards as well as some bullets that were in the pocket of his slacks.
      The men then handed the victim a petition, which they made him sign legibly, that demanded the Corporation For Public Broadcasting end its boycott of the documentary Bowling for Columbine. PBS has steadfastly refused to air the film since it was first released over twelve years ago in 2000 and despite the film winning numerous awards and garnering critical acclaim worldwide.
    When Officers present asked the victim if he had seen the film, he replied he hadn’t . Victim was encouraged not to be ignorant and see the film for himself.
    Police were concerned that the man may have also been a victim of sexual assault due to the decrepit state of the brief-style underwear he was found wearing, The victim stated that this was not the case and that the men had never actually touched him. When police inquired about the damaged and filthy condition of his underwear , the victim stated the underwear he was wearing was “obviously not” his for reasons that, 1. they were “way too large” and 2. that he never wears Fruit of the Loom. When police asked how he acquired the underwear, the victim stated that “by some miracle of God” he found them bunched between the back tires of a semi-rig parked in the area.
    Not being able to conclusively state that the underwear had been abandoned, police ordered the victim to immediately return the garment to the location from which they had been removed or face charges of theft. Police also advised the victim to consider the gun as “bought-back” since he had been allowed to keep his wallet including the over two hundred dollars in cash that was inside .

    The muggers were last seen leaving the area on skateboards heading toward the vicinity of the old dumps.

    How’s that Adnan? I wouldn’t want to attach any malice to it.

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