Newark police plan DUI checkpoint and roving DUI patrols during holidays

A message from the Newark Police Department:

Newark police is participating in a county-wide DUI enforcement campaign referred to as “Avoid the 21.” This effort is intended to curb the increased number of impaired drivers found on the roadways during the winter holiday period.

The police department plans to employ sobriety checkpoints and deploy dedicated DUI enforcement units and roving saturation patrols to remove impaired drivers from our roadways.

A DUI and driver license status checkpoint will be placed at Thornton Avenue near Newark Boulevard on Saturday December 22, 2012. The checkpoint will run from 7:00 pm until approximately 2:00 am the following morning.

“Avoid the 21” is a campaign sponsored by the Office of Traffic Safety and the Alameda County Chiefs of Police Association. Including the Newark Police Department, there are 21 separate participating law enforcement agencies in Alameda County. The program is based on education and zero tolerance enforcement of driving while under the influence.

During this time, and for the entire year, the Newark Police Department seeks your help in spotting and reporting suspected drunk drivers. Possible indicators include vehicles that are swerving or weaving in and out of lanes, traveling much slower than the flow traffic, perhaps without headlights, or being driven aggressively.

Call 9-1-1 to report a suspected drunk driver. You do not have to give your name, but do provide a complete description of the vehicle with license plate number, the exact location of the vehicle, and direction of travel, if possible. Do not try to stop the vehicle or detain the driver…leave that to a law enforcement officer.

Chris DeBenedetti