Fremont Crime News — Weekend Edition

Source: Fremont Police Department

December 28 

#004 – Major Crimes located a vehicle associated with a wanted subject at the Mission Peak Lodge. This same vehicle was used in a pursuit with Hayward PD earlier this month. The subject was also wanted for an armed robbery/carjacking out of Union City. A SWAT callout was initiated. Prior to SWAT arrival subject, his girlfriend and a small child exited a room and attempted to drive away. Major Crimes, with the assistance of Street Crimes and Patrol, were able to stop the vehicle from leaving the parking spot. The subject exited the vehicle and attempted to flee, while reaching into his waistband. Subject was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

#13: Officer was dispatched to Launderland on Walnut Ave. on a reported transient male drinking alcohol to the rear of the business. Officer contacted the transient and arrested him for trespassing.

#16: Officer responded to Safeway at the Fremont Hub on a reported shoplifting and arrested a female for petty theft, under the influence of drugs, and a probation violation.

#034: Officers dispatched to an incorrigible on Simple Ct. Parents want 17yr old arrested. Officer investigated and cited the kid for misdemeanor vandalism.

#035: Citizen on Grand Lake heard a loud bang and noticed garage door in now open. Officer investigates and learned this was an attempt burglary.

#036: Citizen on Sedge St believes someone is actively breaking into her house. Officer documented the incident as a suspicious circumstance.

December 29 

#22: Officer conducted a security check at the Islander Motel and contacted a male subject on the property. Officer learned that the male was on probation. A search of his person revealed a dangerous weapon (dagger). He was taken into custody.

#027 – Officer stopped a male near Paseo Padre / Stevenson and arrested him for driving while unlicensed.

#002 – Officer attempted to stop a bike near 4100 Tamayo but the subject ditched the bike and starting jumping fences. Perimeter set to no avail. Bike was booked into FPD property.

#003 – While searching the area related to the above call, Officer located a female nearby standing on a corner. She was under the influence of a controlled substance and arrested.

#029 – Received call from citizen that a subject possibly had a gun near a room at Motel 6 North. Multiple units responded. Several rooms were searched. Reporting party later advised the object he saw might not have been a gun. In all, report taken for the searches.

#004 – Officers dispatched to the extended stay on Farwell where a subject advised that his brother had just sliced his wrists with a razor in the bathroom. Brother was located, treated on scene, and transported via ambulance for a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation.

December 30 

#21: Officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop at Hansen/Dusterberry and cited a male for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

#22: Officer stopped a male at Grimmer/Bay and arrested him for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

#17: Officer was dispatched to a non-injury collision in the parking lot of PF Changs and arrested a male for driving under the influence of alcohol.

#18: Officer was dispatched to Target at the Fremont Hub on a reported petty theft where security had followed the suspect out of the store. Officer detained a male and arrested him for petty theft with a prior, burglary, violation of a court order, and a probation violation.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. #1…Bruce, Happy New Year ya all! Now that 2013 is here I hope we can all agree that Vinnie Bacon the guy who has worked hard and succeeded in making Fremont into a place with no there there is no longer relevant. I suggest we recall this menace of a person before 2014 gets here and Fremont becomes as vaporized as a spinal tap drummer.

  2. #2 – So for your claim to stand any reasonable test of reality, Vinnie is some kind of demon *AND* the combined efforts of Sue, Bill, Anu and the newbie (whoever that is) are completely incapable of defeating this one guy – – – on any front.

    See – can’t have only one of those truths Charles.
    It’s either both or none of the above.


  3. #2 Is a master baiter and will suck all life out of Fremont and anybody that indulges him. Don’t respond to bullies and they will cry and go away. Don’t go away mad because you lost Charlie just go away.

  4. Well, Vinnie is anything but a menace and yes, the loss of the stadium will haunt this town for decades, but, really, Vinnie is an ok guy, he hasn’t lived here long enough to realize the need for our old town to grow up. Elected officials have a tough job, for the sake of our city, I hope he does well for us all. Tho the Spinal Tap reference was funny.
    #4 Worble, aren’t you tired of juvenile attacks? At least try to add something to the conversation. Even if I disagree with (and agree often as well) with most of the posters, at least they back their positions with some degree of reason and clarity. And so for Worble, I’ll give you an opportunity. What would make Fremont a better city? And spare us the old “Charlie Tuna” blah blah blah insults. I’m truly interested to hear a well thought out vision for our city from you. I’m giving you a broad canvas to draw upon. A lazy softball for you to hit, if you will. Man up and be real.

  5. #5 Warblhigh you and charlie Tuna attack and call anybody that does not agree with you names so your statement above is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Convention center? almost all of the population of Fremont would use it.Just think of all the things we could have there.Car shows ,Indian festavels, High school graduations, Sports events the possibilities are endless,symphony,
    Fremont would make all the money from the revenue and it would create all year around full time jobs.
    Im sure you and Charlie would love to have Hemp Con there.

  6. and the beat goes on…
    can we talk about issue’s instead of a**holes.

    Let us continue the discussion on who will be our next Councilmember or
    You can continue your worthless bullshit, Micheals constant whining has ruined this board……..

  7. #7 West what is your idea or do you just want to call people names I was asked to give what would make Fremont better and I did. Convintion Center.

  8. Worble,
    I agree. Businesses love convention centers where they can hold trade shows etc.

  9. Perhaps a Convention Center could be part of the Warm Springs Bart Project.?

  10. Fremont can hold alot of other venues other than trade shows at a convention center.
    The use of a convention center are endless and Fremont would get all the revenue. WarbleFly there you go an idea that all the people of Fremont would use . Your turn now no crying about a ballpark.

  11. Warm Springs would be a ideal location, for a Convention Center, Bart and both 880 and 680 have direct access.
    That would be better for a Convention Center and perhaps a Center for the Peforming Arts.
    Both are needed if Fremont is to grow out of being a boring bedroom city

  12. #7 Have another drink Bruce because that is what you do best! Your boy Vinnie Bacon is wrong on so many levels. For all of his long winded research on the subject of the benefits and or determinates of having a professional sports franchise representing a metro area he can not deny the *FACTS* that so many of those metro area (40+ in North America) who have had an opportunity to get a professional sports franchise have jumped at the opportunity. Why, why I ask does Vinnie choose to quote charlatans to make his case? Vinnie has a history of misrepresenting the facts as in “Bacon means bussiness”. Bacon in fact has *KILLED* bussiness. Fremont would have been better off if the A’s had come to Fremont and if the people been allowed to vote on it, that’s a fact! The best thing Vinnie could do resign ASAP!

  13. Michael of Niles AKA charlie,

    bussiness is spelled business

    The men in white coats are not good humour men

  14. I can fully get behind a convention or performing arts/cultural center. Those are excellent ideas. Fremont should have established that type of entity long ago. (Where was Morrison back then? Nice guy and decent administrator, but his lack of vision severely held this town back.)
    But it does bring the question up; could Harrison and the council put something like that together? Would Vinnie even give it a thought before he parlayed the idea into an adversarial NIMBY backlash? Would we be allowed to vote for it? Lets face it, Bacon and his ilk have a history of killing projects without a vote. Truth be told, I’m over the A’s deal, but it should be used as an example of developmental expansion, that our beloved council member has built his electoral joie de vivre in resistance.
    How about it Vinnie, we know your lurking out there, perhaps if you take can the lead on something like this (that apparently has the support of me and the rest of our name calling bickering children who post here) you could get a win-win? You would show those developers that you can get them to do what you want and build a monument and unifying entity. Surely William Marston assessments would cast you as high D. Be true to yourself, go for it. Truly, beleive it or not, this city has a love hate relationship with you. Your previous snarky comments non withstanding, there are far more people besides Charlie that will may never forgive your role in the stadium situation. It’s time to mend some fences, show some vision and express that classic leader without compromising your values. He’ll, you might even get elected Mayor or even congressman.

  15. Performing Arts Center Never makes money, it loses money. What is needed is sponsors, once the sponsors are lined up then you can build a “Performing Arts Center”
    The San Jose Center for the Performing Arts has John Fry, of Frys Electronis as a major sponsor.
    The Convention Center is a different animal, it can make money. San Jose Convention Center is large and low cost to build the structure, it is not very fancey, but serves the purpose.

    I am not sure about Oakland, in 50 years I have only been to Oakland about 6 times to have dinner at the Sea Wolf, now Scotts Bar & Grill.

  16. Interesting coincidence re SJ Conv center, the promotion of which was outsourced to an org identified as “Team San Jose”. . . . . They’ve had some pretty good success of late, but not quite enough to push them over the top in terms of stated goals. Their management is pleading for some sympathy, and kind-heartedness, in hopes of seeing the SJ Council ignore the strict terms of their contract and award the team something (all?) as a result of their partial success. Too bad someone agreed to a contract that was so poorly written as to have been an all-or-nothing condition.

    Opens the door for all kinds of lovely stuff if there is any concession at all . . . . the line starts here on getting your “fair share” from San Jose for anyone held to a contractual obligation in the recent past.


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