Newark Crime News of the Day

January 28-29, 2013

Calls for Service: 159
Number of Cases Assigned: 31
Number of Arrests: 8

January 28, 2013

0934 Hours: Officers were dispatched to a traffic accident on Cherry St at the Ohlone College entrance. Officer Williams investigated this non-injury accident.

1536 Hours: Officer S. Eriksen contacted Michael Garcia, DOB 02-09-79, at the Hilton on Balentine Dr. He was subsequently arrested for his outstanding felony parole warrant and booked at Fremont Jail.

1739 Hours: Officer S. Eriksen contacted Kenneth Babers, DOB 07-24-82, out of Nevada, at Woodruff and Manzanita. Babers had three felony warrants for 11352(a) H&S- possession of cocaine for sale, 288(a) PC- lewd act with a child, 286(d) PC- sodomy, 264.1 PC- acting in concert to commit sex crime and 496(a) PC- possession of stolen. He was booked at Fremont Jail.

2021 Hours: During a warrant service at a residence on Merion Dr., Officer Sandoval arrested Christine Ferretta/DOB: 03-18-83 for a Misdemeanor DUI warrant.

2108 Hours: Officer Yates responded to a landlord/tenant dispute at a residence on Salisbury Dr. involving intoxicated parties. Although no crime could be established, a hunting rifle was taken for safekeeping.

January 29, 2013

1343 Hours: Officers were dispatched to 8142 Mayhews Landing Rd on the report of a disturbance. RP was Carla Moore (Merryweather). Victor Moore, DOB 11-12-69, was subsequently arrested for 243(e)(1) PC by Officer Rodgers and transported to SRJ.

2325 Hrs: Officer Sandoval arrested Genaro Munguia DOB: 07/27/88 (Newark) after he investigated a 20002 VC Hit and Run collision in the 35100 block of Newark Blvd. Genaro fled in his vehicle, but was later located and detained by Officer Mavrakis and Officer Kovach near McDonalds Restaurant. Enois Martinez Diaz DOB: 04/09/80 (Newark) was also contacted and they were both arrested for 647f PC drunk in public. After completing his investigation, Officer Sandoval arrested Genaro for 20002(a) VC. Genaro and Martinez were booked into Fremont Jail without incident.

0005 Hrs: Officer Mavrakis arrested Christopher Howell DOB: 05/31/66 (Newark) for 23152(a) DUI. Officer Mavrakis was contacted by citizens in the parking lot of Gubera’s Bar who were concerned about Christopher trying to drive his vehicle because of his intoxicated condition. Officer Mavrakis spoke to Christopher and advised him to call a cab or walk to his house on Ramsgate Dr. Christopher agreed saying it was the safe thing to do. Approximately 30 minutes later a caller reported Christopher had returned and was now leaving in his vehicle. Officer Mavrakis stopped Christopher. Christopher was arrested for DUI and later released on a promise to appear.

Any person with any information concerning these incidents or other incidents can contact the non-emergency line at 510-578-4237. Information can also be left anonymously on the “silent witness” hotline at 510-578-4000, extension 500.


Fremont Crime News of the Day

Source: Fremont Police Department

Monday, January 28, 2013
Total Incidents 267 Reports 38

#008/09/10 Stolen Vehicle and Auto Burglary Reports
CSO Gott took a vehicle theft report for a white Ford Aerostar that had been taken during the night as well as two burglary reports from the 49000 block of MeadowFaire Co.

#012 Trespassing
Ofc. Gourley issued a trespass notice to a 42 year old adult female who is a a local transient. She was causing a fuss at Starbucks at Mowry/Blacow.

#014 Battery Arrest
At approximately 9:30 a.m., Ofc. Sanders investigated a battery at Quantum Computers (Northport Loop) where two female employees got into a fight in the parking lot before work. Arrested on a citizen’s arrest was a 21 year old adult female for battery.

#041 & 042 Possession of a Dagger and Marijuana Arrest
We have had numerous calls about activity at Patterson park over the past couple of months. Ofc. Hartman and B. Johnson were dispatched to the park at approximately 7:00 p.m. The caller stated that three adult male’s were smoking marijuana and that there has been a problem with gang members loitering in the park. The two officers stop three individuals at the park and discover one of them is in possession of a dagger. An 18 year old adult male is placed under arrest. He also had marijuana packaged for sales.

#002 DUI Arrest
During a traffic stop in the area of Bonde Way/Fremont Blvd. at approximately 12:30 a.m., Ofc. Rodriguez arrested a 23 year old adult male for being under the influence.

#043 & 044 Stolen Vehicle
At approximately 11:00 p.m., Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle (Subaru) call on Bonito. Upon arrival, officers attempt to contact the occupants of the vehicle. One adult male, steps out of the vehicle and begins to run eastbound across Bonito Dr. He continues to run and jumps a fence. A perimeter is established and the vehicle is confirmed to be stolen. Sgt’s. McCormick & Epps coordinate the search & perimeter. The 40 year old adult male is located in an attic of a residence on Balboa Way by Ofc. Butcher. He is arrested for the stolen vehicle, obstructing a police officer, possession of drug paraphernalia and prowling. His girlfriend, a 44 year old female, gets arrested for drug paraphernalia.

#045 Interrupted Residential Burglary
At approximately 10:30 p.m. officers are called to an attempted residential burglary on the 4000 block of Creekside Drive. Three unknown male suspects in dark clothing try to pry the window. A neighbor sees them run away & get into a smaller dark vehicle. Investigated by Ofc. Piol.

#003 Commercial Burglary
At approximately 1:15 a.m. officers are dispatched to Leman’s Karting on Hotchkiss. A river rock was used to break the front window. Loss was (2) cash register drawers. Investigated by Ofc. Chahouati.

#004 Welfare Check
A welfare check on a walk-away from WTH turned out to be a 25 year old adult, parolee-at-large (armed & dangerous subject). He had left 30 minutes prior with a female. Officers locate a warm vehicle in front of his girlfriend’s house on Regents Park. Sgt. Fowlie coordinates a surround & call out. Ofc. Singh handles HNT role. The 25 year old adult male is taken into custody without incident. Level 1 service reductions during this call. Invest by Ofc. Leopardi.


Newark police accepting applications to Citizen Police Academy

The Newark Police Department is accepting applications for its Citizen Police Academy.

The eight-week program teaches residents about the regulations, procedures and policies that govern law enforcement.

The deadline to apply is Feb. 28. The courses will be taught from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Thursdays, from April 11 to May 30. Classes will be held at City Hall, at 37101 Newark Blvd.

Applications can be downloaded at www.newark.org. For more information, call 510-578-4352 or email beverly.ryans@newark.org.


Fremont News of the Day

Police Patrol blotter for Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Incidents 309 Reports 54

#021 Hit and Run w/Injuries
Mission and Walnut, investigated by Ofc Shannon.

#042 Hit and Run Property Damage
40900 block of Fremont Bl, investigated by Ofc Tran.

#013 Non-injury Collision
Paseo Padre and Bayliss, investigated by Ofc Singleton.

#046 Minor Injury Collision
Paseo Padre and Thornton, investigated by Ofc Huiskens.

#049 Minor Injury Collision
Mission and Gurdwara, investigated by Ofc M. Smith.

#001 – Hit and Run with Injuries
Report of hit and run injury collision at Washington / Olive. Suspect vehicle flees scene, but victim driver locates license plate in some bushes nearby. Officers head to house and convince Mom to have her son return to the scene. The 22 year old adult male comes back to the scene and is arrested by Ofc Austin for DUI and hit and run.

#004 Theft Attempt
Manager at one of the hotels on Landing Parkway advised that someone tried to steal the ATM machine. Possible video. Case investigated by Ofc Settle.

#029 Under the Influence Arrest
Officer Hollifield contacts a 40 year old adult male on Washington Blvd and arrested him for being under the influence.

#033 Public Intoxication
Officer M. Smith arrested an adult male for being drunk in public at the Fremont Hub Courtyard.

#035 Residential Burglary
47000 block of Zunic Dr. Loss included jewelry and iPad. Investigated by Officer Malcomson.


BART police ID Fremont man killed at Bay Fair station shooting

Story by Katie Nelson:

SAN LEANDRO — Police have identified the man shot and killed Saturday in the crossfire of two warring gangs at the Bay Fair BART station.

Kenneth Lee Seets, 50, died of gunshot wounds sustained in a shooting between two groups that met up at the station, got into an argument, then opened fire, according to BART police.

Seets, who last lived in Fremont, was one of two people hit during the shooting. A younger woman who has not been identified was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and released late Saturday.

Seets, who is believed to be an innocent bystander, died at the scene.

Police do have a suspect they are actively searching for in the shooting, but they are declining to release any details on the person at this time.

Anyone with information on the case should call the BART Police Department’s investigation’s section at 510-464-7040 or the confidential hotline at (510) 464-7011.


Fremont Whole Foods groundbreaking scheduled for Friday

When the ceremonial dirt is flung at the Whole Foods Market groundbreaking Friday, local foodies and Fremont officials likely will cheer, though for different reasons.

The natural food store’s imminent arrival in the city’s Central/Downtown neighborhood grants a longtime wish to local fresh-food lovers but also places a retail linchpin in the 110-acre downtown envisioned by city planners.

“We’re trying to create a strong sense of place downtown, and having unique retailers is one element that gives people a sense of pride, a place where they can come together,” said Jessica von Borck, Fremont’s downtown project manager. “We think Whole Foods will be an anchor and a regional draw.”

The store is expected to open by the end of this year.

Click here for the article.


Fremont Crime News — Holiday Weekend Edition

Source:  Fremont Police Department

Friday, January 18, 2013 
Incidents 290 Reports 72 

#032 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Arrest
Samayoa stops a person in the lot of Motel 6 (north). A 39 year old adult male, goes to jail for possession of drug paraphernalia and under the influence.

#016 Auto Burglary
Ofc. Foster gets flagged down at Fremont/Decoto and someone reports their car got burglarized in the Brookvale shopping center while having coffee at Starbucks.

#021 Copper Theft
Copper theft at construction site at 1320 Stevenson. Investigated by CSO Anders.

#029 Assault with a Deadly Weapon
A tenant of the Islander Motel exchanges words with another tenant and he is followed out to the intersection of Fremont/Mowry where the suspect hits the victim in the back of the head with something wrapped in a shirt or beanie. Moderate injuries to the victim ‘s head requiring multiple staples. Ofc. Stone still looking for the suspect at this time.

#059 Public Intoxication
Public Drunkenness arrest in the 40000 block of Fremont Blvd. Ofc. Zargham found a 23 year old adult male drunk and disorderly there.

#063 Warrant Arrest
Warm Springs and Mission. Sgt. OConnell found a vehicle that was reported stolen. He and the Zone 3 team detained two suspects in the car. Turned out it was a civil problem, not a stolen vehicle. The driver, a 27 year old adult male, had a warrant though, so he went to jail.

#001 DUI Arrest
Ofc. Kwok arrested a 51 year old adult male for DUI.

#070 Armed Robbery
At 10:15 p.m., officers were dispatched to an armed robbery report. A female walking to her apartment in the area of Sycamore Com, is robbed at gun point of her iPhone. This occurred around 8 pm but late reported due to her state of shock. Ofc. Allsup investigating.

#071 Residential Burglary
Occurred on Hoyt Street, sometime after 9:00 a.m. on 01/18. Ofc. Soper investigating.

#002, Brandishing a Firearm/Road-Rage
Victim calls to report a brandishing of a firearm in the area of City Beach (Technology Pl.). Victim is following the suspects and loses them in the area of Osgood & Grimmer. The suspect vehicle, a silver Camry, has 4-5 subjects inside. The registered owner of the car has priors for brandishing & officers locate the vehicle at the registered address on Green Hills Way. A surround and call out was initiated with the occupants. Detained are three adult males (19-20 years old). They admit to being involved in a road rage incident but deny having a gun. They had dropped off (2) associates on Bryant Com after the incident and before arriving home. Ofcrs followed up with the Bryant Com address but no gun was located. Ofcr Sasser documented the incident and it was supervised by Sgt. Fowlie & Sgt. Cortes.

Saturday, January 19, 2013 
Incidents 253 Reports 30 

#007 – Possession of a Controlled Substance Arrest
Ofc. M. Chan conducted a traffic stop at Automall/I880 and arrested a 20 year old adult male for being in possession of meth, drug paraphernalia and for driving without a license.

#018 – Strong Arm Robbery
Officers respond to Safeway on the 46000 blk of Mission Blvd in regards to a strong-arm robbery. Further investigation reveals the suspect(s) pushed the store clerk in the parking lot after they were accused of stealing from the store. Manager needs to review the tapes to ascertain if an actual theft occurred. Suspect vehicle was a newer Lincoln Gold 4-door sedan. Ofc. Sanders is investigating.

#023 Public Intoxication
Public Drunkenness arrest by Ofc. Madsen who found a 41 year old adult male drunk and disorderly behind Raley’s on Civic Center.

#025 Public Intoxication
Public Drunkenness behind the old fire station in Centerville. Ofc. Dooley and FTO R. Smith found a 51 year old adult male passed out and unable to care for himself. He had been arrested last night for similar circumstances.

#005 Warrant Arrest
Officer Allsup stopped an adult female at Mowry Ave and Sutter Dr. She was arrested for a theft warrant.

#004 Battery Arrest
Officers responded to the Saddle Rack after a guard was punched in the mouth. Two adult males were arrested for battery. Officer Sasser was primary.

#006 Public Intoxication
Officers responded to Mojo’s for a disturbance. Security stated that a male subject was in the street throwing glass and causing a program. He had been cut off from purchasing alcohol and kicked out of the bar. Officer Rodriguez arrested the 26 year old adult male, Union City resident, for public intoxication.

#008 Public Intoxication
Later in the night, again related to Mojo’s, Officer Allsup arrested a 30 year old adult male, Hayward resident for public intoxication.

#007 Auto Burglary
Officers responded to an interrupted auto burglary at the Presidio Apartments (Walnut Ave), but were unable to locate the suspect or registered owner of the victim vehicle. Officer Singh documented the case.

Sunday, January 20, 2013 
Incidents 258 Reports 32 

#009 Warrant Arrest
Ofc. Chan arrested a 52 year old for an outstanding warrant.

#012 Stolen Vehicle/Property Arrest
Ofc. Samayoa spots a suspicious vehicle with its passenger door open near Thornton Ave/Dutra Way. He drives by, runs the plate and discovers that the car is stolen out of Oakland. He drives around the block, returns and contacts three associated subjects standing next to the car. As officers respond, Samayoa engages the subjects in a conversation. A 17 yr-old female admits that she drove the car to Fremont from Oakland. One of the other subjects has an outstanding warrant and he goes to jail. The female is cited and released to mom for receiving known stolen property. Nice spot and investigation by Ofc. Samayoa.

#011 Evading a Police Officer, Under the Influence and Warrant Arrests
As the above investigation unfolds, Ofc. Stone spots a suspicious vehicle in Niles. He attempts to stop the car and as Ofc. Stone is exiting the car, the driver decides to flee and runs several stop signs down 2nd street. The driver arrives at the dead-end near Alameda Creek and makes a run for it. Ofc. Burkhammer and his new recruit -Ofc. Martinez spot the driver – a 23 year old adult male, Fremont resident, hiding in some bushes along the creek. The adult male has several felony warrants and during the investigation Ofc. Stone locates meth on his person. One of the passengers is also under the influence, a 19 year old adult male, Lathrop resident, and he also goes to jail. During the vehicle search, Ofc. Stone locates several items related to possible residential burglaries as well. Great work by Ofc. Stone and a nice spot by Ofc’s Burkhammer and Martinez.

#021 Public Intoxication
At approximately 4:35 p.m., Ofc. Macciola was despatched to a call at Hooters. The reporting party advised that an adult male was intoxicated and causing a disturbance inside the establishment. Officer Tarango located the adult male on Capital Street near the old Shoebers Gym. Ofc. Macciola arrested the 32 year old male, Hayward resident, for being drunk and disorderly.

#025 Major Injury Collision
Major Injury collision at Ardenwood/Kaiser. A customized Toyota Celica was speeding south on Ardenwood, lost control near Kaiser and slid off the roadway into a tree. FFD had to cut the driver out of the car and he was transported in very critical condition to Eden Trauma. Ofc. Tran investigating. This scene consumed several personnel for several hours. Nixle message sent out. As of today, the driver remains in critical condition.

#022 Residential Burglary
Residential Burglary on the 100 block of Pontiac Way. Victim returned home from a weekend away and discovered the house burglarized and one of their vehicles stolen. The vehicle was recovered in San Jose later in the evening.

#032 DUI Arrest
At approximately 9:50 p.m., officers were dispatched to a report of a possible DUI driver on Mission Blvd at Niles Canyon Rd. The reporting party stated that the vehicle, a red Toyota, was swerving all over, driving down the middle of Niles Blvd, and had just made a u-turn in the Canyon and was headed back to Niles. Officers responded and located the vehicle on Hillview Drive. The vehicle came to a stop on Washburn Drive and Officer Tarrango arrested the driver, a 48 year old adult female, for DUI.

#003 Battery
Report of a batter at Los Dos Amigos (Niles Blvd.). Four suspects left in a silver vehicle. Further investigation by Officer Taylor led to Hayward, but no suspect information at this time.

#004 DUI Collision/Arrest
A reporting party called in to report an accident which was found at Eggers Dr and Glenview Rd. Officers Blass and Wright handled the case. A 17 year old male arrested for DUI.

Police Patrol Blotter for Monday, January 21, 2013
Incidents 236 Reports 35

#006 Fatal Vehicle/Bike Collision
While Officer Manrique was covering the streets for collisions, his first call of the day was a fatal auto vs. bike at Paseo Padre and Isherwood. The 56 year old bicyclist from Fremont was pronounced deceased at the scene. The driver of the vehicle stopped and was cooperating with the investigation. Officer Peters assisted with the investigation. Nixle message sent out.

#018 Stolen Vehicle
Thornton Ave/Post St. – A Mechanic called FPD to advise a suspect had just jumped into a customer’s car and fled up Thornton. Unfortunately, they had no plate for the vehicle and it was only described as a black 1996 Honda Accord. Investigated by Ofc. Huiskens.

#032 Armed Robbery
Seven Hills Foods (36440 Fremont Blvd.) – At approximately 6:25 p.m., a masked gunman entered the 7-Hills Foods and robbed the clerk. The suspect is described as a black male adult, about 21-23 years of age wearing a ski mask, black jeans, black shoes and black hoodie. He fled the area on foot.

#020 Residential Burglary
At approximately 3:40 p.m. officers responded to take a residential burglary report on the 3200 block of Grand Lake Drive. Unknown suspect(s) entered through a side door to garage and forced entry by kicking the door. Laptops, jewelry, cash, gift cards, etc. stolen.

#025 Residential Burglary
At approximately 5:30 p.m. officers responded to the 36400 block of Perkins Street to take a residential burglary report. Unknown suspect(s) entered via a window. Unknown loss at this time.

#001 Residential Burglary
At approximately 11:45 p.m., officers were dispatched to take a residential burglary report on the 4200 block of Nerissa Cir. Residents arrived home after being gone for two days to find window smash to dining room window. Loss was cash and jewelry. Investigated by CSO Escamilla.


Youth concert to be held Feb. 3 by LOV and Newark Arts Council

A press release from the League of Volunteers:

The League of Volunteers – LOV and the Newark Arts Council will present a concert  featuring  “A Salute to Youth” – talented local young people in the field of instrumental music, vocal and dance.

The concert is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 3.

Come enjoy vocalist Amy Mendonca singing music from movies and musicals. Amy is a graduate of Mission San Jose High School and was LOV’s Fred Jueneman Music Scholarship winner in 2012.

You will tap your feet and want to get up to dance with the music of the Thornton Junior High School Jazz Band under the direction of Ross Gershenson. Following an intermission with complimentary refreshments, the Bay Area Star Company from Dancemakers will perform.  Dancemakers is under the direction of Marcy Borghi.

Rounding out the afternoon of entertainment will be the Newark Memorial High School Advanced Choir under the direction of Joanne Hong.

LOV’s concerts are held at the MacGregor/Bridgepoint School Auditorium, 35753 Cedar Blvd., Newark. There is easy access and parking in the rear, as well as in the front parking lot. Doors open at 1:00 p.m. and the concert will begin at 2 p.m.

For information call 510-793-5683 or check the website www.lov.org.


Union City man in critical condition after Fremont crash Sunday

Story by Natalie Alund:

A 20-year-old Union City man is in critical condition after the car he was driving slammed into a tree in Fremont on Sunday, police said.

Officers responded just before 4 p.m. to the intersection of Ardenwood Boulevard and Kaiser Drive for a single-vehicle crash with injury, said police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques.

When police and fire crews arrived, firefighters had to extricate the man from the car, Bosques said. The man, whose name has not been released, was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

For more, click here.