Fremont Crime News of the Day

Source: Fremont Police Department

Jan. 3, 2012:

#16: Commercial Burglary arrest at Michaels at the Hub. Citizen called about two juveniles (16 and 17) spraying graffiti on the side of the building. Sgt. Crandall finds the two inside the store stealing more paint. Turns out they had stolen tequila from Target just prior and were moved to tag, so they stole spray paint from Michaels. Both male juveniles were cited to parents.

#36: Armed Robbery at Walmart on Albrae. Two BMA’s enter, steal money at gunpoint and flee to a waiting vehicle- a brand new black BMW with “big” chrome rims. Witness saw the vehicle fleeing towards the freeway. Ofc. Butcher investigating.

Residential burglaries:
#30: Baldwin Pl
#33: Serra Wy

CR #001, Ofcr Allsup stops a 25 yr old male and finds an illegal knife in his car (21310 PC). She also finds stolen property from a burglary case currently being investigated by Ofcr Butcher. Both officers work together on investigation.

CR #005 & 007, Ofcr Hartman stops a 25 yr old male at Decoto 7-11. Ofcr. S. Hunt searches the vehicle and locates a loaded 38 rev & semi-auto handgun concealed in the center console. The male has prior gang conviction but is not on probation. The female passenger provides a false name. She turns out to be a juvenile. They are staying at Motel 6 N (bouncing between three rooms) so the main room is frozen pending a search warrant being authored by Ofcr. S. Hunt. This case tapped our resources so level 1 reductions as indicated.

CR #040, Ofcr Taylor detailed to sleeper at Archstone Apt and arrests a 35 yr old male for warrants.

CR #006, hit & run where debris included susp vehicle license plate. Ofcr Sasser investigating.

CR #008, Ofcr Taylor comes across a single vehicle accident at Stevenson & Mission. Taylor arrests a 23 yr old male for DUI.

Chris DeBenedetti

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