Fremont to to consider applicants Wednesday for open City Council seat

Here’s a brief breakdown of the 10 applicants vying to fill the open seat on the Fremont City Council:

Raj Salwan, a veterinarian and major property owner who is chair of the powerful Tri-Cities Democratic Forum, is considered by some a front-runner. Salwan lost to Dutra in late 2010. Unlike Bacon, Salwan received a vote from Harrison, a close ally.

Other favorites include a pair who also competed and lost two years ago in a council appointment race: David Bonaccorsi, planning commission chair and partner in a Newark-based law firm; and Yogi Chugh, a planning commissioner and corporate real estate firm executive active in the Indo-American community.

Other applicants with political or electoral experience include Rakesh Sharma, a former planning commissioner who placed fifth in the recent council race; Robert Brunton, a former Ohlone College trustee; John J. Dutra, a developer serving on the economic development advisory commission; and Rick Jones, a retired Fremont police officer. Dutra and Jones finished third and fourth in the November council election.

Newcomers Tariq Ali, chief technology officer for the San Mateo County Employees’ Retirement Association; Christina Broadwin, head of grass-roots neighborhood group Save Kimber Park; and Robert Chavez, a former longtime NUMMI employee, also have applied.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I would have preferred to spend the money on an election and let us decide. When city councils and other similar institutions appoint, it’s always, always an insult to the voting public. What kind of tricks are these “candidates” turning in for the position? We may never know. What are the politicos pimping these “candidates” for the position. Hate to be blunt about it, but council appointments get under my skin. I don’t appreciate having my vote compromised.

  2. If anything, it should be a run off between Dutra and Jones.

  3. Warble is right on this one.

    Those who argue the expense of a one-off election as a rationalization for not taking the decision to the elctorate are clearly concerned about losing control of the decision making process. While they might argue the expense of the process as a rationalization for their position they simultaneously ignore the cost that small-town politicking has on our community.

  4. 1# Bbox
    Thanks for calling attention to the Marshak Editorial, the Editor of our only, local newspaper. I would urge people to read it, carefully to fully understand what He is saying.
    This is the type of politiking you would ordinarily read in the daily newspaper, if we had one!

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