Breakdown of how each Fremont council member voted

To narrow down the list of 10 council applicants, each candidate listed their top 5 candidates in no particular order. I have listed the applying candidates in alphabetical order. Here’s the breakdown:

Mayor Bill Harrison:

David Bonaccorsi, Yogi Chugh, John J. Dutra, Rick Jones, Raj Salwan

Vice Mayor Anu Natarajan:

David Bonaccorsi, Christina Broadwin, Yogi Chugh, John J. Dutra, Raj Salwan

Councilwoman Sue Chan:

David Bonaccorsi, Christina Broadwin, John J. Dutra, Rick Jones, Raj Salwan

Councilman Vinnie Bacon:

David Bonaccorsi, Christina Broadwin, Yogi Chugh, Raj Salwan, Rakesh Sharma


To sum up again:

Candidates Who Made the Cut

David Bonaccorsi: 4 (Each council member voted for Bonaccorsi)

Raj Salwan: 4 (Each council member voted for Salwan)

Christina Broadwin: 3 (Harrison was the only council member NOT to vote for Broadwin)

Yogi Chugh: 3 (Chan was the only council member NOT to vote for Chugh)

John J. Dutra: 3 (Bacon was the only council member NOT to vote for Dutra)

Rick Jones: 2 (Harrison and Chan voted for Jones, while Natarajan and Bacon did NOT)


Candidates Who Did Not Make the Cut

Rakesh Sharma: 1 (Bacon was the council member who voted for Sharma)

Tariq Ali: 0

Robert Brunton: 0

Robert Chavez:  0

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Christina Broadwin: 3 (Harrison was the only council member NOT to vote for Broadwin)

    David Bonaccorsi will be the next appointed councilmember and will lose to Christina Broadein in the 2014 Elections.

    David Bonaccorsi is the pick of the Democratic king makers, He has paid His dues, yada, yada, yada

  2. Important Planning Commision Meeting tonight


    * * * THURSDAY JANUARY 10TH AT 7:00 PM * * *


    •Lennar Homes wants to create a Planned District on the Hirsch property at 42800 Caldas Court.
    •Lennar’s plan has 33 lots on 6.4 acres with most lots 50 feet wide and most houses a mere 10 feet apart.
    •This property is currently zoned for lots of a minimum of 8,000 square feet.
    •Lennar’s plan has 20 lots of less than 6,000 sq. ft. and only 7 lots of over 8,000 sq. ft.
    •9 houses have multi-generational units with a separate entrance.
    •The 6 houses overlooking the Sabercat Historical Park have 3 floors.
    •The plan creates a new narrow cul-de-sac with no sidewalk or parking along the south side.
    •74 protected trees will be removed including a Eucalyptus which is eligible for Landmark status.
    •300 more car trips a day will clog the Castillejo Road inlet and add through traffic to Noria & Quema.
    •Re-contouring the land will take 33,000 cubic yards of cut – that is a lot of dirt to be moved.


  3. Couldnt help but wonder what the outcome would have been had Cho been in the drivers seat.

  4. Time for Developers to get there Reward for supporting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ certain council members election fund.

  5. I dont think you have to worry about developers in this town. They’ll continue to do just fine if this news article is any indication.

    After all, as reported at the link below, it appears that our goal is to ensure that no Fremont residence is more than three miles from a grocery store!

    (Dont get me wrong, I’m not certain that high-density housing was a good idea for this particular location, but, it’s a tad-bit unsettling when proximity to a supermarket is offered as a primary motivation for municipal planning decision making)

    “According to city reports, residents in that particular area of Centerville must currently travel as many as three miles to the nearest grocery store.”


  6. #4 Demonize a developer Bruce, that what you do best…Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson recently said “ Losing the Kings (a professional sports franchise) would cost the region between 600 and 1,000 full- and part-time jobs.”
    Meanwhile the Hansen-Ballmer group in Seattle was finalizing a deal to buy the team for $500 million. Believe it or not Vinnie Bacon in his infante wisdom contends a professional sports franchise was a raw deal for Fremont and worked hard to successfully chase that cash cow out of Fremont.
    As a result Fremont doesn’t have a professional sports franchise like 40+ metro areas in North America, so I ask you is it time for Vinnie to resign?

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