The Fremont Council appointment ranking breakdown

After the interviews of the six candidates vying for the open Fremont council seat Monday night concluded, the four council members chose their appointment by using a ranking system. Each council member was to rank their top three candidate from 1 to 3. A first place vote was 3 points, a second place vote equaled 2 points and a third place vote was 1 point.  Got it?

Without further ado, here’s the breakdown of the council voting that resulted in Raj Salwan’s appointment:

Raj Salwan (Harrison – 1st place, Bacon – 1st place, Chan – 3rd place) TOTAL: 7 points

David Bonaccorsi (Chan – 1st place, Natarajan – 1st place) TOTAL: 6 points

John J. Dutra (Chan – 2nd place, Natarajan – 2nd place) TOTAL: 4 points

Yogi Chugh (Harrison – 3rd place, Natarajan – 3rd place, Bacon – 3rd place)  TOTAL:  3 points

Christina Broadwin (Bacon – 2nd place) TOTAL: 2 points

Rick Jones (Harrison – 2nd place) TOTAL: 2 points

Chris DeBenedetti

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