Fremont named No. 5 Best Run City in America

As said before, I’m never sure how much emphasis should be given to those Top 10 cities lists. If your city lands on them, then I suppose it’s a point of pride. If you are a city employee, then I suppose the shameless promotion of said lists is a point of occupational survival. So, it’s not surprising that Fremont officials have wasted no time in touting the fact that Fremont was ranked No. 5 nationwide on a “Best Run Cities List” compiled by a website called “24/7 Wall Street.”

I’m not exceedingly familiar with the site, but it contains other vital lists, including “Nine Beers Americans No Longer Drink” and “America’s Worst Companies to Work For” — two topics on which I might be considered an expert.

Now, where were we …? Oh, right, Fremont is No. 5 Best Run City in the nation says the site, saying the city excels in the categories of credit ratings, poverty (or lack thereof), education, crime, unemployment and regional gross domestic product.

By the way, Fremont’s ranking placed them between Seattle (6th) and Lincoln, Neb. (4th). San Francisco finished 11th and … (drumroll, please) … the top-ranked city was Plano, Texas.

There was a “Worst-Run Cities” list, too, but no Bay Area cities made the list. Stockton (sure, it’s close to us but I don’t consider that Bay Area, do you?) was ranked No. 3, while Modesto and Fresno were No. 6 and No.  7, respectively, and Sacramento finished 18th on the civic rankings of infamy.

Chris DeBenedetti

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  1. This is the product of someone sitting at a desk with an Excel spreadsheet and a ton of data 3000 miles away from reality. Someone resolve the conflict between being declared the “fifth best” in the nation by someone who’s never visited our community and the fact that one of our neighboring communities identifies us as an example of what not to do in the way of low-cost housing.

    Wonder where the Centerville debacle figures into this kids’ spreadsheet.

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