Issues with Comments

It appears we’re having some technical difficulties with comments. I’ve been contacted by a few readers/commenters who are asking why their comments disappeared. I haven’t deleted or disapproved a comment in about three months, so I’m not sure why they disappeared or where they’ve gone. I’ll check in with our tech staff and find out if we have any bugs.

In the meantime, please feel free to keep commenting and/or contact me with any questions.


Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Today is one of my hero’s birthdays. Martin Luther King, who teached change through NON VIOLENCE.

  2. 1# Bruce…Surprise, surprise. I thought for sure your #1 hero would be Vinnie Bacon who gleefully kills jobs,and business while fraudulently saying he is for bussiness. Fact is that demonizing the wealthy and class warfare are what you are all about. You could care less about what is in the best interest of your community. It’s all about sticking it to the man isn’t it? Thanks to Vinnie and the anti development crowd Fremont is forever screwed!

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