Fremont Whole Foods groundbreaking scheduled for Friday

When the ceremonial dirt is flung at the Whole Foods Market groundbreaking Friday, local foodies and Fremont officials likely will cheer, though for different reasons.

The natural food store’s imminent arrival in the city’s Central/Downtown neighborhood grants a longtime wish to local fresh-food lovers but also places a retail linchpin in the 110-acre downtown envisioned by city planners.

“We’re trying to create a strong sense of place downtown, and having unique retailers is one element that gives people a sense of pride, a place where they can come together,” said Jessica von Borck, Fremont’s downtown project manager. “We think Whole Foods will be an anchor and a regional draw.”

The store is expected to open by the end of this year.

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Chris DeBenedetti


  1. We have a project manager for Fremonts downtown ??? Is that supposed to be funny?
    Fremont has been in search of this elusive “Downtown” for years. You all remember when Pacific Commons/The Block was gonna be pedestrian friendly. Go to Dublin if your curious
    to see what pedestrian friendly looks like.
    In fact The Block is starting to look like that mess in Union City. Good job Fremont!!!
    I’ve watched this city screw up an opurtunity to become a place that can offer something to the Bay Area, we had a blank canvas for Christ sake.
    But they went with homes instead. A lot of them.
    In fact when I worked in SF recently alot of my coworkers
    Had heard of Fremont but didn’t know where it was, and why should they, there’s no reason to come here. What do we offer the Bay Area?
    So now your telling me Jessica Van Borck. Your gonna build us a downtown. And Whole Foods, who had to jump though hoops just to get permits is the anchor? Go talk to the owners of the Cheesesteak Shop and Bronco Billy’s Pizza about what a nightmare it is trying to get a permit in this city. Bronco Billy’s Pizza hit road block after road block when the owner tried to expand into the empty store next to his. The Cheesesteak Shops story is even more ridiculous. They moved into a former Quiznos, and were delayed for weeks with unnecessary changes.
    So Jessica good luck, your gonna need it.

  2. So Now Paseo Padre and Mowry are the new place for downtown with Whole foods as a anchor Ha Ha. This shows you that even our own city project manager does not know where to call downtown. Welcome to the grand elusion.

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