Fremont Crime News of the Day

Source: Fremont Police Department

Monday, January 28, 2013
Total Incidents 267 Reports 38

#008/09/10 Stolen Vehicle and Auto Burglary Reports
CSO Gott took a vehicle theft report for a white Ford Aerostar that had been taken during the night as well as two burglary reports from the 49000 block of MeadowFaire Co.

#012 Trespassing
Ofc. Gourley issued a trespass notice to a 42 year old adult female who is a a local transient. She was causing a fuss at Starbucks at Mowry/Blacow.

#014 Battery Arrest
At approximately 9:30 a.m., Ofc. Sanders investigated a battery at Quantum Computers (Northport Loop) where two female employees got into a fight in the parking lot before work. Arrested on a citizen’s arrest was a 21 year old adult female for battery.

#041 & 042 Possession of a Dagger and Marijuana Arrest
We have had numerous calls about activity at Patterson park over the past couple of months. Ofc. Hartman and B. Johnson were dispatched to the park at approximately 7:00 p.m. The caller stated that three adult male’s were smoking marijuana and that there has been a problem with gang members loitering in the park. The two officers stop three individuals at the park and discover one of them is in possession of a dagger. An 18 year old adult male is placed under arrest. He also had marijuana packaged for sales.

#002 DUI Arrest
During a traffic stop in the area of Bonde Way/Fremont Blvd. at approximately 12:30 a.m., Ofc. Rodriguez arrested a 23 year old adult male for being under the influence.

#043 & 044 Stolen Vehicle
At approximately 11:00 p.m., Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle (Subaru) call on Bonito. Upon arrival, officers attempt to contact the occupants of the vehicle. One adult male, steps out of the vehicle and begins to run eastbound across Bonito Dr. He continues to run and jumps a fence. A perimeter is established and the vehicle is confirmed to be stolen. Sgt’s. McCormick & Epps coordinate the search & perimeter. The 40 year old adult male is located in an attic of a residence on Balboa Way by Ofc. Butcher. He is arrested for the stolen vehicle, obstructing a police officer, possession of drug paraphernalia and prowling. His girlfriend, a 44 year old female, gets arrested for drug paraphernalia.

#045 Interrupted Residential Burglary
At approximately 10:30 p.m. officers are called to an attempted residential burglary on the 4000 block of Creekside Drive. Three unknown male suspects in dark clothing try to pry the window. A neighbor sees them run away & get into a smaller dark vehicle. Investigated by Ofc. Piol.

#003 Commercial Burglary
At approximately 1:15 a.m. officers are dispatched to Leman’s Karting on Hotchkiss. A river rock was used to break the front window. Loss was (2) cash register drawers. Investigated by Ofc. Chahouati.

#004 Welfare Check
A welfare check on a walk-away from WTH turned out to be a 25 year old adult, parolee-at-large (armed & dangerous subject). He had left 30 minutes prior with a female. Officers locate a warm vehicle in front of his girlfriend’s house on Regents Park. Sgt. Fowlie coordinates a surround & call out. Ofc. Singh handles HNT role. The 25 year old adult male is taken into custody without incident. Level 1 service reductions during this call. Invest by Ofc. Leopardi.

Chris DeBenedetti