Newark Crime News of the Day

January 28-29, 2013

Calls for Service: 159
Number of Cases Assigned: 31
Number of Arrests: 8

January 28, 2013

0934 Hours: Officers were dispatched to a traffic accident on Cherry St at the Ohlone College entrance. Officer Williams investigated this non-injury accident.

1536 Hours: Officer S. Eriksen contacted Michael Garcia, DOB 02-09-79, at the Hilton on Balentine Dr. He was subsequently arrested for his outstanding felony parole warrant and booked at Fremont Jail.

1739 Hours: Officer S. Eriksen contacted Kenneth Babers, DOB 07-24-82, out of Nevada, at Woodruff and Manzanita. Babers had three felony warrants for 11352(a) H&S- possession of cocaine for sale, 288(a) PC- lewd act with a child, 286(d) PC- sodomy, 264.1 PC- acting in concert to commit sex crime and 496(a) PC- possession of stolen. He was booked at Fremont Jail.

2021 Hours: During a warrant service at a residence on Merion Dr., Officer Sandoval arrested Christine Ferretta/DOB: 03-18-83 for a Misdemeanor DUI warrant.

2108 Hours: Officer Yates responded to a landlord/tenant dispute at a residence on Salisbury Dr. involving intoxicated parties. Although no crime could be established, a hunting rifle was taken for safekeeping.

January 29, 2013

1343 Hours: Officers were dispatched to 8142 Mayhews Landing Rd on the report of a disturbance. RP was Carla Moore (Merryweather). Victor Moore, DOB 11-12-69, was subsequently arrested for 243(e)(1) PC by Officer Rodgers and transported to SRJ.

2325 Hrs: Officer Sandoval arrested Genaro Munguia DOB: 07/27/88 (Newark) after he investigated a 20002 VC Hit and Run collision in the 35100 block of Newark Blvd. Genaro fled in his vehicle, but was later located and detained by Officer Mavrakis and Officer Kovach near McDonalds Restaurant. Enois Martinez Diaz DOB: 04/09/80 (Newark) was also contacted and they were both arrested for 647f PC drunk in public. After completing his investigation, Officer Sandoval arrested Genaro for 20002(a) VC. Genaro and Martinez were booked into Fremont Jail without incident.

0005 Hrs: Officer Mavrakis arrested Christopher Howell DOB: 05/31/66 (Newark) for 23152(a) DUI. Officer Mavrakis was contacted by citizens in the parking lot of Gubera’s Bar who were concerned about Christopher trying to drive his vehicle because of his intoxicated condition. Officer Mavrakis spoke to Christopher and advised him to call a cab or walk to his house on Ramsgate Dr. Christopher agreed saying it was the safe thing to do. Approximately 30 minutes later a caller reported Christopher had returned and was now leaving in his vehicle. Officer Mavrakis stopped Christopher. Christopher was arrested for DUI and later released on a promise to appear.

Any person with any information concerning these incidents or other incidents can contact the non-emergency line at 510-578-4237. Information can also be left anonymously on the “silent witness” hotline at 510-578-4000, extension 500.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. #1…Yo Bruce “Newpark IS becoming a ghost town” and why is that Bruce? We can all agree there is no there in Fremont and Bacon does not mean business.I would suggest we try and get a professional sports franchise to locate to Fremont, build a high tech, state of the art, green, cash cow right here in what is rapidly becoming Baconville and that brothers and sisters is worst than Potterville. Vinnie and the demonize a developer crowd (that you Bruce are a part of) just don’t get it. Enough of your crowds sentimental hogwash! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzraYNG8ZH4
    Kumbaya brother!

  2. Is it impossible to have a intelligent conversation here, Michelle er Micheal or do we have to read your sick rants.
    Pacific Commons is probably the reason for the demise of Newpark and some say it was the local politicians doing. Why do you think Newpark is going downhill, fast with all major stores stampeding to get out of Newpark?

  3. The “Gap” has closed in Newpark!, The “Paper Place” has closed in Newark.
    The last person to leave Newark Please turn off the lights!!!
    What are he local politicians doing about this???

  4. #3 – The best counter to Charlie’s anecdotal B.S. is to continue to state and re-state the facts surrounding the mis-management of our community.

    It is pretty clear that the political power base (which is, by in large, responsible for the conditions you see throughout your community – some of which has been very successful, but, much of which has been hugely wasteful) wants this kind of open and unrestrained dialogue to just go away.

    Silence inures to the benefit of the status quo.

  5. Newpark has been sliding to a jumbo dollar store for years. I think there are several reasons for its downward slide. Malls across the country are failing in light of online shopping and big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Costco. The shopping mall culture has bitten the dust. Add to that the changing demographics, many new citizens just don’t go to the mall. Even teenagers are avoiding the place. I remember some 30 years ago when me and my boys would go there and look for girls. (And cruising Fremont Blvd, but that’s another story) Stoneridge and West Valley are still alive and kicking, but those areas have folks with more disposeable income. Tear the place down.

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