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Friday, February 1, 2013
Incidents 278 Reports 48

#026 Warrant Arrest
Officer N. Johnson conducted a security check at Motel 6 North and arrested a 28 year old adult male for warrants.

#038 Warrant Arrest
Sergeant Snelson saw a suspicious vehicle and conducted a traffic stop and ultimately arrested a 20 year old adult male for a misdemeanor no bail trespassing warrant.

#029 Drunk in Public Arrest
Officer Layfield was dispatched to a family disturbance on Franciscan Ct. Upon arrival, Officer Layfield contacted the male half, a 20 year adult, outside the apartment. He is arrested for drunk in public and misdemeanor vandalism.

#034 Petty Theft Arrest
Officer Hollifield was dispatched to Raley’s for a petty theft and arrested a 30 year old adult male.

#036 Drunk in Public Arrest
Officer Macciola was dispatched to an unwanted guest at Elephant Bar.  A 42 year old adult male had made his way over to Chili’s where he was arrested by Officer Macciola for drunk in public.

#003 DUI Arrest
At 1:30 a.m. a person called to report his friend was intoxicated and was trying to drive away on his Harley Davidson.  We made contact and the friend agreed to stay at the friend’s house.  At 3:00 a.m., Ofc J Harvey stopped the Harley Davidson for speeding on Fremont Bl near Central and arrested a 25 year old adult male for DUI.   He was also on probation for a previous DUI.

#040 Package Theft
Theft of a parcel package on a doorstep in the 45000 block of Grimmer Blvd.  Victim has video surveillance of the theft.  Case investigated by Ofc Gonzalez.

#041 Residential Burglary
Shawnee Wy.  Loss is jewelry.  Case investigated by CSO Escamilla.

#002  Residential Burglary
4300 block of Calypso Ter. between 6:00 p.m.- midnight. Loss is a purse and jewelry.  Neighbor reported seeing a blue 1980’s Oldsmoblie or Cadillac parked in the area during this timeframe occupied by a black male adult and a white male adult.  Case investigated by Ofc J Harvey.

#004 Commercial Burglary Attempt/Vandalism
Citizen on Great Salt Lake heard a bang and noticed the alarm sounding at Lake Arrowhead Liquor.  Officers responded and located a window smash.  Does not appear as if entry was made.  Case investigated by Ofc Wright and FTO Blass.

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Incidents 242  Reports 27

#016 Stolen Vehicle Recovery / In Custody
Ofc. Perry located a reported stolen vehicle at the Motel 6 (north).   Two men entered the vehicle and drove away.  The vehicle was stopped and the occupants, two adult males, were arrested.

#007 Warrant Arrest
Ofc. Sanders conducted a security check at the Motel 6 (south).  He contacted an adult male and arrested him for an outstanding warrant.

#008 Unattended Death Investigation
FPD Dispatch received a call from the parents of a 20 year old male who was non-responsive. FPD officers and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene (4700 block of Valpey Park Ave). The male was pronounced dead upon arrival. While on scene, officers noticed several flasks and bottles containing chemicals. There was a chemistry kit in the decedent’s room and it appeared he had been mixing chemicals at some point just prior to his death. Officers quickly evacuated the family and themselves from the residence. Fremont Fire Haz Mat Response Team was summoned to the scene. They donned protective equipment and tested the air and chemicals inside of the residence. FFD ventilated the residence and deemed it safe for officers to re-enter. Ofc. Chan was the primary investigating officers.  Sgt. Cortes supervised the scene and coordinated allied agencies’ response.  Considered to be accidental at this time.

#018 Warrant Arrest and Meth Pipe Arrest
Warrant arrest and meth pipe arrest by K-9 Ofc. Lambert during a vehicle stop at Fremont/Mowry. A 32 year old adult female had a stolen property warrant, and a 31 year old adult male had a meth pipe. Both went to jail.

#024 Warrant Arrest
Warrant arrest by K-9 Ofc. Lambert during a ped stop at Chase Bank at Mowry/Fremont. Probationer a 25 year old adult male was arrested for his outstanding burglary warrant.

#025 Petty Theft
Fry’s store security watched a male steal a laser pointer and leave the store into the waiting hands of Ofc. Butcher. A 35 year old adult male was arrested and booked.

#027 Warrant Arrest
Warrant arrest during a family disturbance at the PD. Female called saying her brother in law was drunk and belligerent in her vehicle. She drove to the PD and Ofc. Tarango and Ofc. Lambert detained a 55 year old adult male who had two no bail warrants out of Santa Clara Co for battery and violating a protective order.  He went to jail.

#004 DUI Arrest
Ofcr. Dodson arrested a 67 year old adult male for DUI.

#001 Warrant Arrest at WTH
WTH called regarding a disruptive patient, a 50 year old adult male.  He had had been transported for medical purposes, from BART. Ofcr Taylor arrested him for his warrant.

#002 Vandalism
Two Norteno gang members used the butt of hand guns to break out apartment windows at 4250 Central Ave, while yelling “Norte.”  They were in a white older model Ford Explorer with no plates.   The suspects reportedly carried their guns in their waistbands. Ofcr Allsup investigating. A few minutes prior, these same subjects the vehicle were called in as a suspicious vehicle at 4222 Central but no units were available.  Likely that the two suspects didn’t know that the likely intended target no longer lives at this complex.

#003 Drunk in Public Arrest
El Camino Bar manager called regarding a drunk patron threatening to return with a gun, after being kicked out. Ofcrs locate a 53 year old adult male and arrest him for drunk in public. Leopardi investigating.

Sunday, February 3, 2013
Incidents 240 Reports 35

#011 Narcotics/ Child Endangerment
Ofcr. Fuellenbach responds to what is initially reported as a civil dispute.  He responds to a residence in the 38000 block of Fremont Bl.  Once at the residence, he comes across a filthy home with suspected narcotics accessible to the three children.  The parolee mom and her husband, go to jail for various child endangerment and narcotics violations.  Three children are taken into protective custody.

#013  Restraining Order Violation
Officer Tang responds to the 39000 block of Liberty St for a detail involving a possible robbery suspect, which was unfounded.  However, he ended up contacting an adult male, who had a confirmed restraining order from the location.  The adult male was arrested on the restraining order violation.

#015 Forgery Report
Officer Chan responds to Walmart on Osgood Rd for a forgery report.  Investigation will continue.

#017 Unattended Death
Officer Perry handled an unattended death of a 73 year old female on Oyster Bay Tr.  No suspicious circumstances.  Coroner released the body to the mortuary.

#033, 034 & 037 Two Hit & Runs and a separate DUI:
Ofcrs respond to an erratic driver in the area of Fremont & Mowry. Ofcrs Sasser & Barbero locate the vehicle causing all the problems & arrest a 30 year old adult male for DUI.

At the same event, Sgt. Griese contacts two separate vehicles that pull into the Valero lot. (1) vehicle is driven by a 33 year old adult male. He is unrelated to the original call but he gets arrested by Ofcr Hartman for DUI.

#001 & 002 Battery at Coaches
Bar manager kicks out several subjects for intoxication and gets battered. A 25 year old adult made threats to get a gun and return. He gets arrested by Ofcr. Soper for drunk in public. No gun located.

#004, DUI (prescribed meds)
Mids dealt with an adult male on 2/4/13 at 5:30 a.m. who was put on a psychiatric hold.   He was released and ended up at WTH.  He was given a medication and told not to drive and given a voucher for a cab. He took the cab back to his car in Union City and then drove back to Fremont, southbound Mission, until striking a light pole near Mowry. Unfortunately for him, the same Paramedics Plus crew that responded to this accident had been the ones that witnessed the WTH warning not to drive. Ofcr Taylor arrested the adult male for DUI.

#035 Residential Burglary
Deep Creek Rd. Residents had been gone since Friday & returned to find slider open. Ofcr Piol investigating.

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