Newark Crime News — Super Bowl Sunday Edition

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calls for Service: 76
Number of Cases Assigned: 9
Number of Arrests: 5

1016 Hours: Officer Ramos arrested Yeitemoc Sanchez DOB: 07/17/91(Newark) for 12500(a) CVC- No driver’s license, 40302 CVC- no identification, 16028a CVC- no insurance, and 23222b CVC- possession of marijuana in a vehicle. Sanchez was involved in a vehicle collision and did not have a valid CDL or proper government identification. A small amount of Marijuana was located inside Sanchez’s vehicle. Sanchez booked at Fremont Jail.

1227 Hours: Officer Ramos arrested Reginald Nunn DOB: 01/05/71(Transient) for 11357a PC- Possession of Hash. Reginald was contacted behind the Mervyns’ building near Cedar Court. A records check found Reginald was on active probation with a search clause. Officer Ramos found a small amount of Hash and Marijuana in his pants pocket. Nunn was transported to Fremont Jail.

1406 Hours: Officer Ramos arrested Gary Pindar DOB: 11/04/73(Transient) for an outstanding warrant and 11364 H&S- possession of drug paraphernalia. Officer Ramos identified Pindar walking near the Hilton Hotel and remembered he had an active 11364 H&S warrant for his arrest. Officer Ramos stopped Pindar and confirmed the warrant. A search of Pindar yielded a used hypodermic needle; a violation of 11364H&S. Pindar was arrested on the warrant and the needle and booked at Santa Rita Jail.

1641 Hours: Officer Neithercutt arrested Marty Silliman DOB: 07/31/58(Newark) for 11377 H&S Possession of Methamphetamine. Officer Neithercutt conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with expired registration being driven by Marty Silliman who is on probation with a search clause. A search of Silliman found a small amount of methamphetamine in his pants pocket. Silliman was taken into custody and booked at Fremont Jail.

2108 Hours: After responding to a family disturbance call on Braidburn Ave., Officer Smith arrested Claudine Smit/DOB: 11-07-65 (of Newark) for a restraining order violation. Smit was transported to Santa Rita Jail.

Any person with any information concerning these incidents or other incidents can contact the non-emergency line at 510-578-4237. Information can also be left anonymously on the “silent witness” hotline at 510-578-4000, extension 500.

Chris DeBenedetti

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