Fremont council approves plan to build 33 homes on Hirsch property in Cameron Hills neighborhood

The City Council on Tuesday approved a plan to build 33 houses on a 7.6-acre property in the Cameron Hills neighborhood.

Lennar Homes, the site’s developer, aims to build single-family residences whose sizes would not exceed 3,954 feet, Fremont associate planner Joel Pullen said.

Adam Tennant of Westgate Ventures, who is working with the property’s developer, Lennar Homes, said they listened to feedback from a number of community meetings held within the past 11 months. As a result, Tennant said, the developer compromised by building at a density that is half of what the city requires, setting aside 25 percent to open space, lowering its house sizes and spacing the homes farther apart.

But about 100 residents, who live near the so-called Hirsch property and oppose the project, attended the meeting. Many of them clapped when neighbors, such as Chris Cavette, spoke against the development. Cavette also wrote to the City Council, saying:

“The site is one of the last remaining hillside spaces available in Fremont and it deserves a development that is sensitive to both the beauty of the area and the character of the surrounding neighborhoods. We feel strongly that Lennar’s proposal has too many large homes packed too closely on small lots with too many undesirable characteristics to be compatible.”

The council approved the plan by a 4-1 margin, as Councilman Vinnie Bacon cast the dissenting vote. The Planning Commission voted 6-0 last month to recommend the development to council members.

The site, at 42800 Caldas Court, is just south of Washington Boulevard and abuts Sabercat Historical Park, a 98-acre park set between Interstate 680 and the Mission San Jose district. The property currently contains a house built in 1951 and a dairy barn.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I’m glad Bacon stuck to his campaign pledge. If only we could get a few more like him on the council to stop this sort of development.

  2. Kevin, the Infill development you were talking about, the neighborhood did not mind the Development, only the massive size of it. They ask that it be scaled back to match the existing neighborhood.
    Someone on the city Council was listening to the Residents. Vinnie Bacon Voted NO. The other Councilpersons did not challenge the Developer .
    I would like to see there list of campaign donors?

  3. Thank you Vinnie for representing the interests of Fremont residents.

  4. Yes, West, that was my point. Vinnie did right for Fremont and the local residents.

  5. Well, Here we go again. Trying to put ten pounds into a 5 pound bag.
    A public hearing on the proposal to build homes on Beard Road will be held at tonight’s meeting, which begins at 7 p.m.

    Once again greedy developers wanting to put up as much Sq. Ftg as possible. That is to be expected, but we have a Fremont City Council that represents the Citizens of Fremont or do they?

  6. New Residential Development to be Considered by Council Tonight

    A public hearing on the proposal to build homes on Beard Road will be held at tonight’s meeting, which begins at 7 p.m.

    Developer is asking for very high density, once again the fill in homes will dwarfe the existing homes.
    Do the residents of Fremont have any hope for decent development or juste the same old greed with a City Counci,l That loves to give developrs just about anything they want

  7. The Vote on the Beard Road Development, suprised Me!
    It appears that The NEW City Council are showing signs that they do care about existing neighborhoods, communities.
    The rules for infill projects need to be changed, it turns out, everything the developer wanted was blessed Fremont City Planning Commission and Staff.
    Some Infill Projects have harmed some communities.
    Once again Vinnie bacon led off by indicating he was voting NO, then Anu Natarajan also indicated She was voting No, then the Republican Sue Chan indicated she would vote NO.
    Mayor Harrison who would have voted yes, salavage the project by delaying a vote on it???? Giving the developer time to redo the project and conform to the existing Communitee.
    There is hope for Fremonts existing neihborhoods

    Your boy Bacon can’t stop Fremont from covering every inch of itself in homes and fast food joints.

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