Rick Jones appointed to Fremont Planning Commission

The Fremont City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the appointment of Rick Jones to the Planning Commission.

Jones, a retired Fremont police officer who finished fourth in the recent council race, was approved by a 5-0 margin. Jones is filling the seat vacated by Raj Salwan, who was recently appointed to the City Council.

The Planning Commission seat expires Dec. 31, 2014. Jones immediately joins the seven-member panel.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Rick Jones was a good choice for the Planning Commission. It will give him a platform to run for city council. I would just advise him be careful who He aligns himself self with?

  2. Fremont Planning Commission , Hmmm that’s just like military intelligence. It doesn’t exist.
    West, maybe it was subconscious but it was accurate. The Planning Commission ain’t about planning. In fact we could do away with the commission and I guaranty no one would notice.
    In fact I’ll show up at the city council meetings when the developers need their housing projects rubber stamped. The commission is nothing more than a stepping stone for the politically ambitious .

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