Rules About Comments

I want to thank the commenters here who engage in spirited but civil debate. Nearly all of you consistently follow that guideline, which I know is easier said than done. The lack of time has not allowed me to massage this blog as much as I’d like so I’m thankful for its followers and those who enhance the level of discourse.

But let’s please stop at least one bad habit that I unfortunately have allowed to fester here (nobody but me to blame for that). What I’m talking about is:  Ad nauseum personal attacks. You might disagree with a local elected official or a fellow commenter/reader but that doesn’t mean he or she deserves to be accused of being the second coming of Satan. And if you share that opinion once, trust me, that’s enough. There is no need to post it over and over again.

To be fair, only one or two people have been chronically guilty of this. Still, let’s give it a rest, please. I have no illusions that this is the end of that issue, but I’m hopeful we can begin to clean it up.

Thanks, all.

Chris DeBenedetti