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Friday, February 15, 2013 
Incidents 242  Reports 43

017: DUI Arrest
Officer Ceniceros arrested a 64 year old adult male for D.U.I.

#019:  Under the Influence Arrest
Officer Luevano arrested a 46 year old adult male  for being under the influence.

#020:  Commercial Burglary
Two black female suspects were committing a commercial burglary at Rite Aid on Mowry when they were confronted by security.  The females threatened to shoot security and fled in a white Aerostar mini-van.   FTO Tarango and Officer Hill investigated case as a robbery.

#034: Armed Robbery
“OO” Liquors.  Lone suspect (black male adult, wearing a white face mask and gloves) enters the store and brandishes a sliver handgun.  Suspect fled on foot east on Darwin Dr.  Loss is cash.  Investigated by Officer Candler.

#001:  Drunk in Public Arrest
Ofc.  Settle arrested a 22 year old adult male as he stumbled on Stewart Ave away from the Saddle Rack.

#040: Theft Arrest
Shoplifter in custody at Safeway Warm Springs.  A 44 year old adult male was taken into custody by Ofc Gonzalez.

#002: Psychiatric Hold
FFD requests cover for a violent female on Lenoso Ct.  Female is placed on psychiatric hold.  Case investigated by Ofc Wright/ FTO Blass.

#003: Suspicious Circumstances
Male claimed to have been jumped at Decoto 7-Eleven by two unknown subjects.  Clerk at store didn’t see anything and follow-up to be done in morning for surveillance tape.   Case investigated by Ofc Wright/ FTO Blass.

#005: Battery
Victim on Griffith claimed to have been assaulted at Sundale / Griffith.  Only description is 2 tall black male adults and the 3rd was a Hispanic male adult.  The victim was transported to Kaiser. Case investigated by Ofc Sanchez.

#006,007,and 008:  Gang Graffiti
Gang graffiti has increased in the Central area.  All Norteno in red paint.  Investigated by Ofc Wilson.

#009 & 10:  Commercial Burglary Arrest
Two separate grab and runs of beer from AM/PM Grimmer and AM/PM Stevenson.  Ofc Contrada located a suspicious car near the boathouse at Lake Elizabeth which matched the description of the suspect vehicle.  Ofc Gonzalez learned that the 21 year old did the grab n run of beers from the two different stores identical so charged him commercial burglary on the 2nd.  Great case.

Auto Burglary – Fremont BART Station
2/15/13 0823 Hours

A patron reported by phone that his vehicle was burglarized while parked in the lot on 2/13 between 0700-1700 hours. The victim was unsure how entry was gained as there was no damage to the vehicle (possible door lock cheat). He reported that an Apple MacBook and a GPS system were taken. The vehicle was not processed for evidence as he made the report by phone. CASE # 1302-2307

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Incidents 233 Reports 38

#019: Under the Influence Arrest
Ceniceros contacted an adult male and female walking on Granville Dr.  During the contact, Ofc. Ceniceros arrested both for being under the influence of drugs, possession of a fraudulent check, and possession of stolen property.

#027:  Vehicle Code Violation Arrest
Ofc. Torrico conducted a traffic enforcement stop at Fremont Bl/Beacon Ave. and arrested an adult male for his outstanding vehicle code violation warrant.

#026:  Promiscuous Shooting
Officers were dispatched to the area of Fremont Bl/Country Dr. on a reported Prom. Shooting.  The reporting party stated they had heard three to four rounds and immediately noted three Hispanic males dressed in blue clothing (victims) flee into the Rancho Luna Apartments.  Officers were unable to locate the victims.  Officers recovered one spent round from a unit at the Rancho Luna complex.  The only suspect description provided was a 1998-2002 white Mitsubishi Galant.  Case investigated by Ofc. Dodson.

#031:  Hit and Run
Ofc. Hill investigated a property damage hit & run and arrested an adult male for his outstanding vehicle code violation warrant.

#035: Hit and Run
Thornton/Dondero – Investigated by Ofc. J. Harvey.

#037:  Gang Graffiti
37400 Block of Church Ave. Inv. by Ofc. Wilson.

#001: Property Damage Collision
Mowry/Fremont. Inv. by Ofc. Gilfoy.

#002:  Fight/Theft Arrest
A group of approximately 14 was reported fighting at Arrowhead/Alvarado. Officer arrived on scene and found a group of drunk friends (adults and juveniles). One adult female was arrested for a stolen bottle of liquor.

#004:  Concealed Weapon Arrest
Related to # 002 – A male juvenile was arrested for a concealed knife.

#005:  Mental Evaluation
Related to # 002 – An intoxicated male juvenile, was taken to his home by Ofc. Harvey.  Once home, he became aggressive towards his mother and made strange statements.  He was wrapped and transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.

#006: Drunk in Public
Night clerk at Holliday Inn reported a drunk male on the property.  They called a cab for him but he refused to use it.  Officers arrived and located the male and arrested him for drunk in public.

Sunday, February 17, 2013
Incidents 210 Reports 28

#009:  Warrant Arrest
Officer Dias conducts a warrant service at Oak Pointe Apartments and arrests a 23 year old adult male.

#013: Under the Influence Arrest
Officer J. Martinez arrested a 28 year old adult female for being under the influence at Motel 6 North.

#007: Commercial Burglary
Fitness Nineteen at the 40700 block of Fremont Blvd.

#010:  Overdose
1800 block of Vinehill Cir. A 25 yr old male was found unconscious by a family member.  Paraphernalia related to drug use was found near his body.  The male was transported to a local hospital.   Case investigated by Officer Peters.

#011: Possession of a Deadly Weapon
Officer Luevano arrested a male juvenile for possession of a deadly weapon on the 38000 block of Bonnie Wy.

#012: Theft Arrest
Officer Richards arrested an adult male for theft at Target and a also served a warrant for theft on the same adult male.

#017: Drunk in Public Arrest
Ofc. Hollifield stopped an adult male  at Fremont Bl./Sundale Dr. and arrested him for being drunk in public.

#021:  Warrant Arrest
Ofc. Hollifield stopped an adult male at Jack-in-the-Box (Irvington) and arrested him for his outstanding warrants.

#023:  Warrant Arrest
Off. Huiskens contacted an adult male at Motel 6 (North) and arrested him for his outstanding warrants.

#027:  Drunk in Public
Sgt. Snelson contacted an adult male at Starbucks (Mowry/Blacow) and arrested him for being drunk in public

#015:  Under the Influence Arrest
Ofc. Richards was dispatched to a disturbance on Main St. and arrested an adult male for being under the influence of drugs.

#017:  DUI Arrest
CSO Escamilla was dispatched to a traffic hazard on Central Ave.  It was reported that a driver had abandoned her vehicle.  A witness noted the driver had staggered from her vehicle and walked to a nearby gas station.  A witness led Ofc. Tran to the adult female who was identified as the driver and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

#030: Warrant Arrest
A 21 year old adult male is arrested for a warrant at Kaiser ER by Ofc Gilfoy.

#031: Warrant Arrest
Jamie Cir – a 24 year old adult female is arrested by Ofc Wilson.

#001: Public Intoxication Arrest
7-Eleven (Central Ave) – a 20 year old adult male is arrested by Ofc Wilson.

#002 : Unlicensed Driver
McDonald’s (Fremont /Mowry) – a 36 year old adult male is arrested by Ofc Wilson.

#003: DUI Arrest
680 / Automall – a 40 year old adult male is arrested by Ofc J Harvey.

#029: Family Battery
Walgreen’s on Decoto during a custody exchange.  Both parties present and interviewed by Ofc. N Johnson. Case forwarded to DDA for charging.

#005: Barricaded Person – Psychiatric hold (5150)
A patient was brought in on a 5150 hold by Bart PD earlier in the night, the male broke free of restraints in the secured room, pushed a bed against door and began acting bizarre and making threats.  FPD units arrived and helped calm the subject down and he un-barricaded the door.   Case documented by Ofc Wright / FTO Blass.

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