Fremont’s Washington Hospital sued over alleged sexual assault by nurse against female patient

Story by BANG court reporter Paul Rosynsky:

A 22-year-old woman who was purportedly sexually assaulted by a Washington Hospital nurse while unconscious in the emergency room filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the hospital and the nurse.

The lawsuit was filed almost six months after Jon Jeffrey Quianzon, 31, was charged with five felonies in connection to the purported sexual assault against the 22-year-old in June 2010 and another woman in October 2009. Quianzon is free on $135,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court in April for a preliminary hearing.

In the federal lawsuit, the 22-year-old’s attorney Jason Runckel seeks unspecified monetary damages against Washington Hospital claiming that the hospital is partly responsible for the assault because it failed to notify police about the 2009 assault, did not properly investigate Quianzon’s background before hiring him and never properly disciplined Quianzon after the 2009 complaint was made against him.

Instead, Runckel says in the lawsuit, the hospital allowed Quianzon to continue working and placed him in situations were he was frequently alone with female patients.

Those situations resulted in at least one other woman and the 22-year-old becoming victims of Quianzon’s sexual assaults, the federal lawsuit states.

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Chris DeBenedetti