New sculpture to be installed in Fremont’s Central Park

Are there any professional art critics in the house? Any amateur ones? Either way, tell us your thoughts about this sculpture, which has been commissioned to be installed next year in Central Park in Fremont:


"Unity," a sculpture to be created by renowned Oakland artist Bruce Beasley.


Your thoughts?

For more of the story about this sculpture, click here.


Chris DeBenedetti


  1. You make a good point, Bill – and it’s one that you’ll hear in Council Chambers as an attempt at an “explanation” to these kinds of shell games.

    Of course, what no one ever gets around to asking is – was there ANYTHING else – other than “art” – that we could have negotiated as a concession from these developers and which would have been a bit higher up the list of the community’s priorities?

    Whatdya think – – instead of dropping $ into the community art fund – – would the same contractor/developer be willing to do something within their scope of expertise? Like – I dunno – maybe fix a sidewalk or two, remediate some graffiti, or maybe haul some trash . . . ????

    Is it a possibility???????

  2. What a bunch of wha whas! Maybe Vinnie could take these 2 demonize a developer true believers on a taxpayer holiday to India!

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