New sculpture to be installed in Fremont’s Central Park

Are there any professional art critics in the house? Any amateur ones? Either way, tell us your thoughts about this sculpture, which has been commissioned to be installed next year in Central Park in Fremont:


"Unity," a sculpture to be created by renowned Oakland artist Bruce Beasley.


Your thoughts?

For more of the story about this sculpture, click here.


Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I really like the sculpture called Unity, it is perfect for Fremont.

    There is some hidden treasures in Fremont. Kaiser Campus in Fremont has a few Benny Bufano Sculptures.
    My favorite is Momma Bear and Her two Cubs.
    If you d not know who Benny Bufano was check him out…

  2. The link cited as “click here” is broken (“page not found”).

  3. Thanks for the warning, Eyesbright. The link should be fixed now.

  4. #1…Bruce, maybe they should put a duplicate sculpture in front of the EDD offices…and call it “Bacon means business”!!!

  5. What is the status of the Downtown Fremont Planning Consultant’s recommendation for a “Graffiti Wall”? An initially blank wall for Fremont residents and visitors to engage in the “art” of Graffiti. This could be an added artistic element to the site, and would provide a more dynamic and relevant image of the city of fremont.

  6. I liked the sculpture that was at this same location previously.
    I think it was called “City Hall”. Not only was it cool, strange, ominous and weird looking all at the same time, it was also functional, with all sorts of offices, and conference rooms inside that city politicians, staff and such actually used, for city business, held meetings in and such. It even housed the police station -including the jail.

    And it had a reflecting pool underneath it, where you could sit, almost as if you were inside the mouth of a huge cavern. It looked like a cavern for sure because it was made up of at least as much, if not more concrete, than the coliseum.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, they never got around to putting water in the pond. It was always dry. Just pebbles and small rocks.

    It was definitely something, that’s for sure. Especially for a little kid.

  7. Art is a nice accessory. But, it needs to be presented in a manner in which the work and venue complement and enhance one another. The Fremont approach is to drop a piece of art someplace, congratulate one another and go home. It’s a bit like trying to spruce up a stick figure representation of a human form by applying some makeup.

    And, what’s lacking in BOTH instances, is a personality – which becomes the context in which the art will (or won’t) work. Without personality, or at least a clear vision of a personality you’d like to achieve, the artwork maybe works, maybe compliments the surrounding area, or maybe feels very out of place.

    Before we think about placing artwork, we need to achieve a clear character of community and image for a given district – lest we find ourselves tearing down someone’s “art” in 5 years because it holds no relevancy to the surrounding area.

    Contrary to the Anu approach which demands “big” action, you create character through the use of recurring design queues and subtle architectural detail(s) incorporated into new construction which reinforces and compliments historic structures. Niles is a nice example. Unfortunately, this same kind of vision and sensitivity to character appears to be non-existant in any of the other districts.

    Once you’ve identified a clear character, THEN you can begin to think about adding some artwork.

    As always – our intentions are very good.

    Our priorities are terribly confused.

    And there is NO adherence to a long-range vision or plan. Random and unrelated decision making deliver a majority of the result that we see.

    What few results are planned and realized frequently appear to be for the sake of laying claim to having done . . . . . SOMETHING.

    Our long-range plans and “vision” rarely gain traction.

    There is no continuity of design in any of our historical districts – save one.

    Our leaders celebrate their works of “art”.

  8. I like the ring sculpture. It represents the variety of paths and continuums celebrated by our multicultural community. It also gives the deprived wives from the mission hills an object to fantasize over, as the possibility of wearing a 6 foot diameter platinum ring surpasses the status afforded by used Mercedes sedans with bald tires their husbands can barely afford to replace AND academic performance indices. Kathy McDonald – a short trip down the hill = BLISS… find the pond. Vinnie will have water for you when you arrive.

  9. I must say Marty I all his beautiful sarcastic patronizing Celtic Neo pagan glory really, really hit the bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow with his description. lol. Truly, Marty, thank you for he grins! Most of your stuff of late has fallen flat, so it was nice to read you back in form

  10. #9 …and the beat goes on. Bruce, it may be of concern to you that many who have knowledge of you and your history are… shall we say are not impressed. You have a past Bruce, and it is really nothing to be proud of!

  11. I think we’re all slipping. There’s little to get passionate about these days. Even if there were, according to Chris, he gets personal phone calls every time someone gets their feelings hurt. I’m just going to hop on board with Box and West and work to bore the living s out of you.

  12. It’s slipping all right, but it has less to do with chosen topics and more whether or not you can win the censorship lottery..

    Tried to comment on the “art” thread no less than twice yesterday. Both times, held by mod.

    And,is it just me or did the Centerville cum profanity cum Dan O-wishing-we’d-talk-about-Centerville-again thread vaporize?

  13. B in the Box, West, CalGuy, Bruce, Vinnie and even choo choo McDonald have probably pleaded with Chris to censor the truth or what they don’t like to hear. I say just “let it fly ” and try to develop a *sense of humor* if you were unfortuate enough to be born without one.

  14. The only “pleading” I’m aware of has been that which you’ve seen in this venue.

    I’m not surprised if dropping “F” bombs tweaked someone the wrong way. Half ounce common sense would have suggested someone somewhere would be up in arms.

    The personalized BS that Charlie and Marty are so famous for doesn’t qualify under any widely accepted definition of humor.

  15. Agree with #7. This just isn’t working for me. Unity? Should have been called “Chaos”. Looks like the Olympic Rings toppled. Maybe I will warm to it once installed.

  16. Box, you can call Chris to request a post be deleted whenever you feel the “personalized BS” I am “famous” for crosses the line. If the line is busy, call back later.

  17. It appears that some people want to destroy this blog,
    That is unfortunate!

  18. Alright, gang, thanks for the feedback on the artwork. Some seem to like it, some don’t, some think it will cost too much money. The same was true for half the movies honored at last week’s Oscars. Let’s move on (new post coming soon) …

  19. The majority of Beasley’s artwork the past three decades looks like riffs off the shape of the old city hall-similar in aesthetic but much scaled down.
    I find that ironic.

    And in response to #10 Warblefly’s question “why did we get the hula hoops?”
    Really? Why did we get the hula hoops? Where did they come from? And when did he start making them? I sure didn’t see anything similar on his website.

    Has the piece Fremont bought been made yet?


  20. Box’s link shows how this design can easily become crappy lawn art, in which case this installation should be in Niles.

    I just realized in the Beasley rendering above the structure is 20-25 feet high (couldn’t see the people when viewing on my phone). The massive size may be it’s redeeming feature …that’s also what she said.

    A quick note to Chris DeBenedetti – Calling game over on a thread is tacky, especially when you’re the one dropping in on your own blog every week or so.

  21. …let’s just hope we don’t get “Stonehenged” like in Spinal Tap.

  22. Box, you’re being too hard on me, and frankly it’s kind of hurtful.

  23. (First part of post deleted due to inappropriate content)
    … there’s this place at the corner of Fremont Blvd. and Peralta called Color Me Mine….
    …….and it looks kinda cool.

  24. How long till the sculpture is buried in goose shit
    (Whoops my bad, I forgot there’s children present)

  25. Tony #30..Do you mean Centerville, the only people that call it little Kabul is the Media.
    I live in Centerville, where the majority of the people living and working there are NOT Afghans. The Afghans are there and are welcome as residents of CENTERVILLE. I often frequent there very good restaurants, Salang Pass and Da Kabob House.
    Should we call Irvington Little Portugal?????
    Your remark also smacks of racism !!!!!

  26. Tony Irvington, I deleted part of post #30 because your comments about Centerville’s Afghan population clearly crossed a line. Please don’t do that again.

  27. Tony Irvington’s not the Xenophobe around here, so you can leave the statement intact, lest your editorial decision resembles a creepy tactic to intentionally and falsely paint my* character, now and perpetually into the future, by using your authority to inform others of the ugly, racist, mean-spirited, dishonest, threating, “over the line” or over the rainbow-it don’t matter-thing I said… because you will tell them that you can’t tell them , because it is so despicible, .. and …
    Besides, (cover your ears children) they wouldn’t understand (look away kids) it’d be too complicated (just cross the street) (don’t make eye contact) they can’t decide for themselves. (lock the door, say your prayers) Best you decide for them.

    And leave the reporting to their imaginations.

  28. This is funny. Trying to pat yourself on the back and it turns around a blows up in your face.

    If its any comfort, everyone except West and Chris knew you were just asserting that everyone else is xenophobic. Chris is new, what’s Wild Bill’s excuse?

  29. It is funny how people refuse to accept good manners, there behaviour has ruined this blog..Poof

  30. Wow. So, looking over this thread … A simple question asking readers to share thoughts about art work has led to unnecessary hostile and personal comments. And, just days after another call for more civility, the tone of the comments here actually have gotten worse, quickly. I cover 8 beats, for which we used to have six reporters. Now, we have one (that’s me), sometimes two. I simply don’t have the time to police the blog. But, for the time being, there will be even less tolerance for unduly negative posts than in the past. It’ll be simpler. If it comes close to being inappropriate (personal attacks, profanity, discriminatory remarks based on race, religion, ethnicity), then it will be deleted or unapproved. In time, I may just suspend the blog. But we’ll see. Hopefully, this thing can be saved. If you want to share your complaints or constructive advice, I’m all ears. Call me at 510-353-7011.

  31. Just to be even clearer … disagreement is not a sign of disrespect, and I don’t take it as such. But man, there’s been a lot of disrespect in recent days. It can be avoided, so let’s do that.

    Again, please feel free to give personal feedback. I’ve already had one productive, constructive exchange with a reader this AM. I’ve responded to a second reader and waiting for that person’s feedback, too. If you don’t like the phone, email me at cdebenedetti@bayareanewsgroup.com

  32. OMG! You guys should all try laughing at yourselves once in a while. LOL

  33. “In time, I may just suspend the blog. But we’ll see. Hopefully, this thing can be saved.” –

    Which may, very well, be the desired outcome.

    I’m certain that Harrisson and Natarajan and Chan would love to see this kind of public discussion quieted. They are each so intimidated by these things that, not once, has any chosen to participate.

    What is happening is a “U” turn to the days of good ol’ boyback room F-mont politiking. I speculate that the status-quo has taken note of Vinnie’s arrival and is taking steps to ensure that we dont repeat *that* mistake again.

    Of the 4 Fremont-specific online blogs I can think of 1 has already exited, 2 have clearly become irrelevant, and 1 is threatening the possibility of shutting down.

    In the realm of print media Argus rarely finds the time to scrutinize and explain consequences of our Council (in) actions choosing, for whatever reasons, to expend what limited time they DO have investing in a re-re-re-hashing of local police action and feel good promotionals.

    Even William Marshak has made a noticeable “u” turn in his approach to Op-Ed. While, in the past, he would unapologetically bring the shenanigans of our Council into the light of day, his most recent Op-ed’s give wide berth to our Council members and read more like something out of Readers Digest.

    It’s a shame.

    Silence is to the benefit of the status quo.

  34. And, there you have it.

    Centerville, the Quarry Lakes giveaway, Ironhorse lane, the list goes on and on and is well documented herein and not once, not ever, are these concerns addressed directly. Instead, the topics are quickly hijacked and redirected.

    As an alternative, you are offered personalized nonesense.

    The very venue of public discourse is corrupted and discredited.

    Instead of countering facts and concerns with logic and reason, the journalistic equivalent of a bauble authored by someone who has never even seen our city is held high, over and over and over and over again.

    All the while carefully side-stepping and ignoring the very real issues that challenge our city and its governance.

  35. Box, just to put your conspiracy in perspective, there was a time you insisted I was Matt Artz and tooling for the city establishment.

    Btw, what exactly is the Quarry Lakes “giveaway”?


  36. Bbox,#43,
    I agree, there are people here that would love to shut down this blog. The reason is, this blog has been critical of local politicians for there past actions.

    Chris is seriously considering shutting down this blog, that would be a victory for the some of the political establishment and there Republican friends on the Fremont City Counsel. Do not be fooled by there present registration, they wete registered as Repuplicans before deciding to enter politics and behold, they are now Democrats…..

  37. Ohlone Flea Market today. Hope to see you radicals there.
    I’ll be the guy wearing a shirt that has the Fremont Drag Strip logo on it.
    The Future is Unwritten.


  38. From today’s Letters to the Editor –

    “City’s leaders must display leadership
    I couldn’t believe Fremont city leaders voted to proceed in a $205,700 sculpture being placed on the corner of Stevenson Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway.

    That comes to a $41,140 vote per council member and paid by us taxpayers. When I drive through our city, I see so many improvements that need to be done. The top of my list: leaders need to lead the city and the city planning department. For sure that is not being done now.

    I walk two miles a day in my neighborhood. I wish taxpayers and voters would walk our neighborhoods and look at our sidewalks. They are so damaged that a person in a wheelchair has to go out into the street to avoid these hazards.

    Trees are doing the damage, the city knows it and couldn’t afford to maintain the damage. So a couple of years ago, they passed an ordinance that the tree and damaged sidewalk now belongs to the homeowner. That is what I call passing the buck.

    City workers are great, but city leaders need to rethink how they spend our money. Voters should be more informed when voting our city leaders into office.

    Larry L. Darby


  39. The money came from a fund paid for by Developers, whenever there is a large project, the developer has to pay a percent in this fund for City Arty, so it was on the up and up. The money could not have been used for anything except Fremont City Public Art.
    Yes, I think the council should work on these problems, instead of Vapor Parlors, or taking away Our Freedom of Speech which is ourConstitional Right.
    Beginning to sound like, Far Right Repuglicans

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