New construction planned on pastoral land housing Catholic nuns in Mission San Jose

New construction projects are in the works to provide better housing for Catholic nuns in separate orders residing in the Mission San Jose district.

One proposal, from the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, would give nuns a bigger residential space, while the other, from the Sisters of the Holy Family, would involve the sale of some property to a private home developer.

The Sisters of the Holy Family’s proposal might get a little dicey, as Robson Homes — the developer who will control the nearly 15-acre parcel — intends to “restore” the Starr House and the Best House. The houses, built in 1927, have historic status, according to Fremont city planner Joel Pullen. Any changes to the pair of 86-year-old homes will be reviewed by Fremont’s Historical Architectural Review Board.

I imagine the community will do much to make sure that the “restoration” of the homes isn’t like this infamous ‘restoration’



Chris DeBenedetti

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