Fremont’s State of the City luncheon

Mayor Bill Harrison, usually so jocular, was all business in the State of the City speech Thursday, listing the city’s successes and describing Fremont as a “city on the move.”

I suppose that if one’s goal is to attract businesses, then it’s fitting to be “all business” in the rookie mayor’s first State of the City address.

It was a good turnout  — around 300 people, including media — to see the 24-minute speech. These types of speeches/events are rarely groundbreaking but even those who did not back Harrison in the election had to have appreciated the semblance of sincere regained optimism brimming around the city.

There are still plenty of problems, of course, and room for improvement. For the first time in half a decade, though, I appreciate that it’s no longer fully depressing (only partly) to attend city council and school board meetings. Sure, a lot of places needed to learn how to trim the fat, but far too many places have been chipping at bone, and doing it for years. Anyway …

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Chris DeBenedetti


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