No garbage pick up today and Friday in Union City/Fremont

Residents in Fremont and Union City will be without garbage, recycling, and yardwaste service today, Thursday, and tomorrow, Friday, April 5 due to a labor dispute between Teamsters and Allied Waste Services/Republic Services.

Residents with Thursday and Friday pickup service should not place their garbage, recycling, and composting carts out for pick up during these two days. Next week, as garbage service resumes, impacted residents will be able to set out extra trash bags, recyclables, and yard waste from this week, along with their regular carts for pick up.

In Union City, green waste (green) and recycling (grey-brown) cans will be picked up by Tri-CED Recycling.

The information has been posted on those cities’ websites. Newark’s website had no information posted, and a phone message left with a city official was not immediately returned.

For additional information, contact Allied Waste at (510) 657-3500.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. They didn’t pick up our trash this week and we pay for weekly service. Will they be crediting our accounts? What type of bags for yard waste? Can we bring trash to them before next Thursday? Did they have any forewarning of the impending strike and, if so, why were customers not alerted? I want to support the workers but I also don’t want stinky trash build up for a week. We need more answers ….

  2. Sorry, but I rarely support labor strikes by workers who are paid a relatively high salary for their rudimentary skills, and this is no exception. Especially considering there was little warning, and those who are made to sacrifice have nothing to do with the dispute sans being captive consumers.

    I do appreciate the instruction to place overflow on the street next week. I will make sure the two teamsters who are spending this morning playing video games have a healthy amount of work to perforce when the arrive at my house next week.

  3. Find some busted concrete. Place in flimsy plastic bags. LOTS of flimsy plastic bags

  4. As I understand it, this is a sympathy action to support the Teamster’s position in a dispute in Youngstown, Ohio. I don’t understand what it is intended to accomplish. It hurts people who have no voice or influence over the dispute. Please, if there is anyone who understands this, explain the point.

  5. come on now fellas…are you talkin about the ones who brought us the weekend?
    Viva Bacon!

  6. I second Marty’s sentiment about workers with rudimentary skills. I also want to share my feeling that consumers are cheated. We paid, we got no service.

    We should get a refund.

  7. That whole “makin clothes in ‘merica” thing worked out well.

  8. Fremont, California

    Redwood City ends its red-light camera program

    San Jose Mercury News

    Wow, red-light tickets are expensive at around $500! Here are a few tips that might help some: Your TomTom GPS, or the Waze GPS app for your phone (probably others too), can notify you when you approach intersections armed with cameras.

  9. Redwood City Turns off it ‘s Red Light Camera’s
    It has been proven that it does not Help accident prevention, it actually causes a lot of rear enders.
    Come on Fremont
    A You won’t have to curse over hefty red-light camera tickets in Redwood City anymore. The city has ended its camera program and joins Hayward as one of two towns in the Bay Area to turn cameras off.
    The main reasons: As more drivers stop at red lights, revenues to cover the costs have declined, rear-end collisions often increase and most tickets are written for right-turn violations, where the safety risks are lower.

    Will there be more cities yanking out their cameras? San Francisco and Fremont, for example, say they will keep theirs

  10. I support the Union and they deserve everything they are asking for!
    Glad to see the Boss’s are paying attention. The demise of the middle class parallels the GOP onslaught on Labor. The tide is turning. And I must say, I almost never support silver spoon fed CEOs, company managers and their rudimentary skills (at best) in terms of honest and fair labor ideals or negotiations.
    To my dearest Martin, put the blame where the blame is deserved; on the hapless WM management whose only reason to wear ties is to pull their heads out of their asses.

  11. #12 this was a “solidarity” work stoppage in support of some guys in Ohio. I did enjoy how your reaction was to “give them whatever they want” and “bad GOP”. You’ve been trained well.

    #11 you owe every year past 50 to big pharma. Get on your knees if we’re all paying dues.

    My take is simple. You should be paid for and given the amount of respect you earn as an individual. Just about anything else is theft.

  12. Exactly, Solidarity! My goodness, you are catching on! I have my P.O.V on this subject you have yours. Popping the “training” slur is well below your oft funny satirical streak.
    I agree with your take, but more often than not, the individual doesn’t receive the respect and earnings that they deserve. Hence, solidarity and collective action are necessitated.
    And yessirrr, the GOP is more than just bad, they are and have historically been out of touch with the working class.
    Rudimentary, my dear Watson,,,um,,,I mean Marty.
    That said, there is such a thing as management/labor collaboration that can be a win-win. Good management knows how to work with a good Union and vica versa.
    The Big Pharma drama is one long entertaining story and its certainly not as rosy as you may think. As far ad your reference,it’s a bit of a cute deflection or a red herring, don’t you think?
    BTW, professionally, for sake of this thread, ironically, I work on the management side.

  13. Warby, you came to this barely knowing the nature of the conflict, let alone the name of the garbage company… “hapless WM management”. That’s *Allied Waste. Like I said, your reaction was a reflex based on ideological training.

    I’m not going to get into the partisan element. I don’t think a strong argument can be made either way. I will say that your average elected Democrat is a far cry from a labor champion, as you see it at least. Piling on the GOP exclusively just affirms an agenda.

    BTW, professionally, I say this all as a member of the innovation class, whose contributions to the local economy have raised the wages of garbage collectors above those in rural Virginia. According to Charlie I should be getting a thank you card from garbage collectors. Now, I’d never expect that realizing that we all play our part for the sake of our own preservation.

  14. The garbage situation in Fremont reminds me of the time when I lived in New York City in 1969-1971. The garbage workers went on strike when the contract with the city lapsed. Many people were angry that garbage workers were making $30,000 per year. After a week of garbage piling up on the sidewalks during a hot summer, the contract was settled. I think that the moral to the story is that if you don’t want to clean up your garbage, don’t argue that someone else who is willing to do the job must get a small salary.

  15. $30,000 in 1979 dollars is $180,000 in 2013 dollars. A show of hands, how many would collect trash for a mid 6-fig salary?

    The real moral of the story is for labor contracts to forbid workers providing essential services to strike. The police are forbidden. I believe garbage, power, transit and fire should be part of that.

    Regardless, I hope our hard working trash collectors enjoyed their four day weekend strike for the betterment of all workers. Even the hardcore left wingers on my street have had enough. No wonder current union support and membership makes the Republican mojo look like a superbowl parade.

  16. #15 If that’s so, I’d have to say there are more and much worse thieves running loose around here than garbage men and they’re wearing suits, skirts and heels, not coveralls, their hands are soft and manicured, they drive fancy cars to meetings where they sit around, coming up with new ways of reducing our standard of living by laying off people who actually do something useful (such as monitoring the pressure levels in natural gas lines running underneath the city, and making sure that action is taken to avert an explosion if the levels get to high) they then give themselves, and often our taxes, a nice raise.

    Thank you Mac Tully for making our (news)paper better
    by giving us MORE COLOR! Yeayyy! and MORE SPORTS!
    Stats and Keeping Records straight!
    Right on Dude!
    Dig IT Pal!
    Duuuhhhh, Hey chris? Where’s did alls those guns go toos?

    and look there is Congressman Swallywells on cspan saying how great SaN RaMON is. ?? where you’ll never drown in your cup of water because half of the city employees are life guards ready to save you.

    ….from improvement.

  17. #20, timely.

    Provocative straw man you’ve invented. Let me ask, who mans the front when the average joe is taking it from both ends, the union boss or the finance exec?

  18. I worked for NUMMI, and look how well THAT turned out for the UAW . . . . just peachy, wouldn’t you say? The UAW got greedy and refused to negotiate with Toyota to keep the NUMMI plant open. So Toyota closed that plant.

    And all Toyota wanted was new union members to be under a 401(k) plan, rather a defined benefit pension plan. Which is EXACTLY what they agreed to two years later when their contract negotiations with GM and Ford came up.

    That’s how greedy and stupid union members are. 25,000 jobs were lost thanks to UAW greed. And Toyota just moved Corolla and Tacoma production to Mississippi and Texas.

    You union lovers can gripe about greedy management all you want. It is the unions who are greedy. And venal. And stupid.

    And the politicians – FREMONT politicians – are just patsies to organized labor.

  19. Wake up America we do not need union’s anymore they are one of americas biggest mistakes. Exept for voting Obama into office for a second term this was AMERICAS #1 Mistake.

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