Fremont nanny provider sent employee who tried to steal money and identity, couple say

Aaron Lewis and his wife, Binbin Wang, needed a nanny to take care of their twin toddlers. What they got was someone more interested in their finances than their offspring.

The couple said the woman who came into their San Francisco home on Jan. 2 logged onto Wang’s computer and tried to steal thousands of dollars from an online account, attempted to take more funds from a bank account, created a phony email address and then tried to delete the computer’s Web history. The computer was damaged beyond repair, they said.

Making matters worse, the couple say, the child care company they hired — and the Fremont subcontractor that provided the nanny —  since have done little to repair the damage done to their lives.

“As a parent, this is the most sacred thing, trusting someone with your kids,” Lewis said. “But they allowed a criminal to come into our home and turn our lives upside down.”

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Chris DeBenedetti

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