Fremont manufacturer’s battery was used in Boston bombings

I’ve been out this week because of illness, but my first day back has been plenty busy. Here’s a story going in tomorrow’s paper tied to the Boston bombings:

FREMONT — An executive at Tenergy Corporation said his heart sank Wednesday morning when he saw an online photo of a battery made by his company attached to an explosive device used in the Boston bombings.

Benjamin Mull said the carnage from the bombings had placed a pall over the company and its 80 employees.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and the families, as well as Boston community,” he said. “We were appalled that our product was used in such a horrible and senseless way.”

Mull said the nickel metal hydride battery, the type utilized in the bombings, is most often used by hobbyists in toys such as radio-controlled cars and trucks. The batteries usually are sold in hobby stores and specialty-battery shops, and can be purchased online.

Tens of thousands of that type of battery were sold last year but it is not the company’s bestseller, Mull said.

“It’s a terrible twist that something that’s supposed to provide joy for people was used in such a terrible way,” he said.

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Chris DeBenedetti

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