Garbage service resuming Friday (today) in Fremont/Union City

The city of Fremont posted this message on its website Friday morning:

Garbage and recycling service has resumed. Impacted customers from Thursday’s work stoppage should leave their carts at the curb for Allied Waste to pick up.

In addition, Tony Acosta — Union City’s deputy city manager — said the same is true in Union City. Garbage service has resumed in Union City, and city officials plan to meet with Allied Waste officials soon so they can make sure this doesn’t happen again, Acosta said.


Chris DeBenedetti


  1. Some comments are so completely out of touch and disconnected from reality that it’s scary.
    What is the relevancy of #1 ?

    I dont know of any Mitt Romney wannabes here.

    Personally, I thought the guy was a tool.

    But, more to the point, a majority of the RNC social policies are as out of touch with reality as your original comment. These same policies continue to be something out of the dark ages and appear to be written to cater to a fanatical faction, some of whom, still ascribe to the belief that Jim Bakker is a swell guy and who *always* thought that Tammy Faye was hot.

  2. This a highly non-partisan movement. It’s fairness, equity and common sense winning out. San Jose measure B demonstrated that with clarity.

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