Newark police announce Employees of the Year

Newark police has announced its employees of the year.


Congratulations to dispatcher Amy Hewitt for being recognized by the Newark Police Association members as the 2012 Dispatcher of the Year. Amy was nominated for her work ethic, ability to stay calm during critical incidents, and her willingness to help out in any situation. Amy is a very respected and seasoned dispatcher. Her dedication to her job is obvious by her willingness to always take open shifts and train and mentor new dispatchers. She has been involved in multiple critical incidents over the past year, some even leading to a SWAT intervention but she has always remained calm and very detailed during these times. She has a way of working on weird research or information requests and has an uncanny ability to find the information the officer is requesting.

Amy was recognized at the annual Alameda County Public Safety Dispatcher Banquet held on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at the East Side Club at the Oakland Coliseum.


Congratulations to Officer Karl Geser for being recognized by the Newark Police Association members as the 2012 Officer of the Year. Karl is a 20 year veteran of the department is and is respected and well-liked by the citizens and his coworkers. Karl has a long history of doing the “right thing” and being a reliable and dependable officer. Many of our officers have stories involving Karl and most involve his cool and calm demeanor and good old fashion police work. This past year Karl has been instrumental in training and mentoring the new officer to be solo beat officers. He has served in the Acting Sergeant position and is always well received by his officers that work for him in his acting sergeant role. Karl is always willing to fill shift vacancies, even on short notice.

Karl will be recognized at the Tri-City annual Officer of the Year Breakfast held by the Newark Optimist Club on May 8, 2013


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