Open House scheduled Wednesday in Fremont to get public feedback on Bay Area-wide ‘Sustainable Communities’ plan

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) wants feedback from residents in Fremont, Union City and Newark. The agencies will hold an Open House at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Mirage Ballroom, at 4100 Peralta Blvd. in Fremont.

Tri-City-area residents can learn more about the Draft Plan Bay Area, looks forward to the year 2040 and charts a course for the Bay Area’s first ever Sustainable Communities Strategies. Residents also can provide written or oral comments about the proposed plan.

For more information, go to www.OneBayArea.org.

Chris DeBenedetti


  1. I know the MTC is floating the idea of charging Dumbarton and San Mateo bridge commuters higher tolls during peak commute hours to reduce congestion in San Mateo county. Remember San Mateo county turned down Bart in the 60s and recently pulled funding from Caltrain.

  2. Marty –

    Do you have a reference to anything that you can share that confirms the details for the proposed increases for these two bridges and which confirms your claim that the intent is to reduce congestion specifically in San Mateo county?

  3. That’s a 2-year old article that does a poor job of representing the regional interests of traffic management/mitigation.

    Congestion-based pricing is not an idea that a few San Mateo county managers originated in an attempt to resolve their obviously flawed lack of support for ANY rail plan.

    Suggesting otherwise is simply ill-informed and divisive.

    Do a quick Google on “MTC Congestion based bridge toll”

    San Mateo County definately needs to adopt a cohesive rail plan. Whether Cal Train or BART is an interesting debate. What is a bit more obvious to anyone that has invested more than a few shopping trips to the region is that two north/south rail systems between SSF and Santa Clara County makes almost no sense.

  4. Beeox, why is everything such a confrontation with you?

    Drivers at the San Mateo and Dumbarton bridges typically wait less than two minutes to get through the toll booth, according to the Bay Area Toll Authority.
    Still, officials said traffic data shows many of the logjams on Highway 101 are caused by commuters who take advantage of cheaper housing in the East Bay and cross the bridges for their jobs in the Peninsula. Slowing traffic on the bridges during the commute could have a ripple effect on Highway 101, where officials have struggled for years to ease..,

    Just wait on this one. East Bay commuters will be subsidizing San Matteo’s stupidity within the next 5 years. Genius for them, I’ll admit.

  5. Gosh, I dont know Marty…let’s think (or not) for a moment.

    Could it be the fact that transit officials and municipal planners ALL OVER the Bay Area are experimenting with congestion based tolls as a means of addressing the area-wide problems of increasing highway congestion? (Never mind that these same kinds of mechanisms are being experimented with in major metro centers across the globe.)

    Could it be the fact that Bay Area traffic congestion is so far-reaching in its consequences that the Fed has even been willing to subsidize early efforts by Bay Area authorities to experiment with variable-rate toll mechanisms?

    Could it be that the article and your re-posting attempts to grind (what I can only speculate is) a personal and/or political agenda by trivializing an obviously widespread and regional issue into a divisive notion of Penninsula communities versus East Bay commuters?

    Never mind these facts, “everything is a confrontation”.

    Which is ALSO, in and of itself, just another erroneous conclusion. After all, I did agree with your point that San Mateo needs to get in front of (and stay with) some kind of identified rail plan.

  6. Box, Look how insecure you are. Someone presents a point of view you disagree with and it’s …. “DIVISIVE TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I am simply presenting my take. You disagree, fine. No need to have an epic shit fit and act like thick sculled arrogant and obnoxious prick.

  7. I think the MTA is composed of politicians trying to get there pet projects approved.
    Like Mark Greens road to nowhere or the U.C. Bart Driveway.
    They bought a building in San Francisco and are spending millions of out toll dollars on a Taj Mahal that is not easily accessible. That suits them, makes them less accountable.
    In the mean time putting up toll roads that we paid for is not tolerable. If sa politicians are running things it cannot be good.

  8. ..and, once again, instead of focussing on the specific facts and points of contention, Marty quickly runs to the least common denominator.

    If there’s an epic fit in this, I imagine that it’s pretty clear to all where that originates.

    But, as I said – “Never mind the facts”. . . .

  9. Sunday Morning 8:35 AM still no Oakland Shopper (Argus) on my driveway? I tried to quit but they promised me earlier delivery, so much for Argus’s credibility, not that they had that much to begin with…….

  10. #9 “Never mind the facts”… Bacon is the cure!

  11. Marty – Why do so many of your disagreements end up in the same elementary schoolyard place with you flailing about and assigning names to those with whom you disagree?

    It’s not particulary effective *and* it’s not healthy. (Hey – you aren’t one of those that was always picked last in high school basketball are you?)

    Heck, keep going the way you are and even if you are lucky enough to be alive at my age, you wont be having nearly as much fun!

  12. #13…Santa Clara is getting the Super Bowl while Fremont gets to *bite the rag*. I invite you and Vinnie to explain yourselfs.

  13. How old are we talking, Box? Do you wear a diaper?

    My apologies for initiating a conflict. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  14. #14 Santa Clara also gets all the CRAP that come’s with the stadium. Thank’s to all the smart people of Fremont we wont have to put up with all that CRAP!!!

  15. Charlie, of all you’ve ever written on the ballpark, you can never top this:

    Fremont could have been a major league city, you midnight toker

    There is nothing much else to say. That is it in a nutshell. Most of us get it. I sure do, as does much of Fremont. Vinnie gets it …from Kathy. West doesn’t get it, but he commences toking which still puts you squarely in the right. Box doesn’t get it because it involves using the bathroom, which is increasingly difficult for a man his age. Worble hates it, but Worble hates many harmless features of our community. Tony loves it because it can be hated at 4 AM. Jasper gets it, but only on throwback jersey night, when the folklore of relevancy from days of old is shone upon.

    The point being that everyone who has ever had the fortune to read your comments gets it. No need to ever post on the ballpark ever again.

    Fremont could have been a major league city, you midnight toker

    F-in A right. It would have been a blast. Civic pride (…in Fremont, imagine!), little league in Fremont would flourish, Dads everywhere would be taking off early to grab their grade schoolers to see the hometown team take on the royals for 15 bucks a seat. But there are greater forces at work. The same force that instructed our newly elected cutting edge council member to wear a golden suede suit to his inaugural photo shoot. Nothing we can do about that now. Let’s move on.

  16. 18…Marry, when you said “let him govern” you said it all… maybe you and your buddy need to split a spam sandwich and give each other a manly hug. Marty…you have become one of them!

  17. I stand by that. Let him serve, he may surprise you. How much damage can a man in that suit do?

  18. #18“F-in A right. It would have been a blast. Civic pride. IF your talking about the beer drinking and driving parnts that take there kids to a game is civic pride. Marty you and Charlie really need to seek help for your addiction’s!!!

  19. …because they don’t play football games in baseball-only stadiums.

  20. #26…Blue Boy, you need to stop drinking the bongwater. Fremont could have been hosting the world series and the all star game…40,000 fans spending their $$$ right here in Fremont… What u got against makin us betta?

  21. The A’s haven’t been in a world series since 1990 (twenty-three years ago).

    The location of the All-Star Game is chosen by a MLB selection committee. The last time the Oakland A’s stadium hosted the all-star game was 1987 (twenty-six years ago).

    There’s about the same spending on these games in Fremont as there is in Oakland.

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